Using Henna as a natural conditioners to your hair.

We Indians have a love for our hair that is quite incredible. Hairs form a part of the natural Indian. We love showcasing our hair through our hairs. And yes we love coloring our hairs too.And yes, Natural is the thing for us. Whatever be the case we want to do it naturally. And yes, if you want to color your hair naturally, there is the evergreen option. Get your hair henna dyed. Henna or mehendi, till date, continues to be one of the preferred choices for many Indians as Natural hair color.

Today I will tell you the most efficient ways to get your hair henna dyed. People try numerous options, mixing up almost every sort of incongruous ingredient in the henna packs. Tea, coffee, onion juice, Walnut bark, lemon juice, amla, beetroot, shikakai, betel nut and loads of other elements that have no requirements whatsoever.Marvelous are the minds that come up with such innovations. It makes me wonder as to how people manage to come up with such incredible ingredient combinations. Reducing the stress of henna fans, here are a few quick tips, for effective natural hair coloring recipes.

The first tip, henna must be applied to clean hair and rinsed only with water. It should be rinsed and cleaned, or if you want to oil it, it should be done the following day. Here, today I share with you three henna recipes, for conditioning your hair, for coloring your hair in adark burgundy shade, for adeep blue-black hair tone.

For the conditioning effect !

Making Natural Hair Conditioner From Henna

Take 200 g henna powder. Add 20 g burnt amla powder to it along with the juice of one lemon and 20 g shikakai powder.

For dark burgundy colour

To 200 gms of henna powder, add 250 ml brewed and strained black tea powder, along with 20 gram amla powder, 2 tsp coffee, and 20 ml walnut bark brew. The brew is to be made by shimmering 20 gram bark in 200 ml water, thereby reducing it to 20 ml.

Blue-black hair tone

To 200 grams of henna add 250 ml strained tea water, 5 grams indigo powder and 10 grams Brahmi powder.

Before application preparations

  • Wash your hairs, 24 hours before applying henna
  • Moisten the hair a bit before you apply
  • Massage a bit of olive oil into the hair


  • Take some petroleum jelly and rub it on your forehead and ears. This will prevent the area from getting colored.
  • Take a small portion of your hair and apply some henna onto it. Wind it in one direction.
  • Take the next strand of hair and apply a little to it. Wind it up in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Do not miss on the roots of the hair. It is very essential that you wind the hairs in opposite directions, so as not to miss on the roots.
  • Wear a shower cap to prevent the henna from falling off.
  • For a lighter shade and conditioning, let the henna remain on your hair for an hour. If you require a darker shade the time may vary to up to three hours.
  • Wash your hair off with lukewarm water.
  • Remember not to wash your hairs for the next 24 hours.

Useful tips

  • To make the removal of henna easier use conditioners. Wash the hair and put in the conditioner. Rinse off. Repeat if you want to.
  • You can use heat to speed up the processing time.Use a bonnet style hair cap or a heat cap to process the heat. Reduce the processing time by half for every 30 minutes of heat applied.
  • Henna is known to stain. BE careful with the clothes you are wearing. Clean up any spills immediately and clean them effectively.
  • In case you have dry hair or your scalp is sensitive, just use some orange juice.
  • Another application can be done, if, even after 48 hours the color on your hair is very bright.
  • If the hair color is too dark, apply the solution to your roots only. Use them as touch-ups.

Why henna conditioning?

Henna benefits the hairs in various ways:-

Conditioning effect

Henna conditions and protects every strand of your hair by building a protective shaft around each layer. Your hair strands thicken and gets stronger with every application. Anatural shine and added gloss are the next benefits.

Treats dandruff

Curing dandruff effectively is another advantage of henna to your hairs.

Non-fading color

Henna has a natural red color which does not may fade after the first application a little, but then if done on a regular basis, it fades a lot less from the second application.

No chemicals (Natural)

Whatever be the color that you are using it has some amount of chemicals to it. Henna is the only source of coloring that does not have any amount of chemicals whatsoever.

So, all of you out there, who needs to add a little bit of shine and color to your hair, go on and coat your hair with some henna. Using it every fortnight gives you the best possible results. The regular application of henna is said to fill the holes in your hair with the particles thus making it smooth and voluminous. But remember this color is hair to stay. And also henna colored hair done not let other artificial hair color or chemicals like hair serum and conditioner get in quickly. So these might not have any effect on your hair, if henna takes care of it. Yes, no serum or conditioner whatsoever would be required thereafter.

Whatever be your age, no matter you are male or female, henna is the natural way to treat your hair to a good time. Application of henna regularly on your hair for about three months covers up the need for salon work on your hair of two years, that too on a regular basis.

So people what do you choose? Well, I take the liberty of answering it in yes for you. After all we crave for being natural and never let go of a chance. Right?