Rightly Begin ! A fashion hairstylist career in India

Hairstylist career is for those who like others to be beautiful by experimenting with their hair.You can not put hairstylists in the same category of ‘traditional hajjams or the Nai‘ as as this trade has evolved into a whole lot of profession and to succeed in this trade one has to get the right training and opportunities.It is a misapprehension in India that the job of a hairstylist is just limited to giving a haircut or give a style.The reality is that a hairstylist is also involved in coloring and conditioning to give the hairs a unique different look.The knowledge about types of hair , their requirements and treatment based on those requirement is what every hairstylist is expected to have the knowledge of.

The demand for trained and professional hair stylists have also increased in India over the years.So let us talk about how to set your foot in this trade.

Career as a Hairstylist in India

Skills of a good hairstylist

The creativeness is the key factor in this profession.You  should not fear to experiment with the looks.If you can visualize how a particular hairstyle look will  be on a person , this profession is for you.In addition to being friendly you need to be ready to learn new methods and experiments.A natural understanding of fashion and art will help you move forward in this profession.

Where to start in hairstyling

There is no formal education required to be a hair stylist in India , however , if you are at least 12th pass it will greatly help.As far as degree courses in hairstyling in India is concerned there is none.But Hey ! Don’t give up.There are many popular Salons and Institutes that offer certificate courses in Hair Styling and Designing..Popular hairstylists in India like Javed Habib , Shehnaz Hussain , Bharti Taneza , Vandana Luthra , Nalini and Yasmin have their own Institutes where they are offering courses ranging from 1 month to 1 year duration.

Hair Stylist Opportunities in India

In the initial days of career you can start as a trainee at some salon.You can also find jobs at hotels , fitness centers and health clubs.In the modelling sector there is also greater demand for hairstylists.You can also attach yourself to some fashion magazine , channel working as an in-house hairstylist.

Salary of Hairstylist in India

The average annual salary range of a hairstylist in India is RS 96,000 – Rs 2,50,000.You can even start working as a freelance hairstylist or open your own salon to earn more than this.

Kinds of Courses on Hairstyling in India

Hair Stylist Certificate/Diploma Courses Offered in India

  • Diploma in Hair Styling
  • Diploma in Hair Designing
  • Scientific Approach to Hair Designing
  • PG Diploma in Beauty , Hair and Makeup
  • Certificate Course in Basic Hair Styling
  • Certificate Course in Hair Treatment
  • Certificate Course in Hair Designing
  • Advance Certificate Course in Hair Designing
  • Hair Part time course
  • Hair Crash Course

Famous Institutes to learn Hair Styling

Juice Salon is also one of the top salon in India owned by Adhuna Akhtar -a  popular hairstylist and  wife of Farhan Akhtar

  • Polytechnic for Woman (Delhi)
  • VLCC Delhi
  • Bharti Taneja Alps Beauty Academy
  • PG Diploma in Beauty , Hair and Makeup
  • Spratt academy of hair design in Bangalore
  • Habib Hair Academy in Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkata and Hyderabad
  • Nalini and Yasmin Salon in Mumbai
  • Juice Hair Academy , Mumbai
  • Shahnaz Husain International Beauty Academy , Delhi