7 weird and unusual shaped handbags

When you are out to buy handbags for yourself or someone else you might be surprised to see the unusual shape of some handbags in the market.

While the best designer handbags brands might cost you the earth these cool and weird handbags are not that expensive.If you happen to find these handbags they be a good gift for someone you like and want to give something different.

Check these weird and unusual shaped handbags,

1 Camel Shaped Handbag

Camel Shaped Handbag

It is an interesting handbag in camel shape made of beige leather.The handbag leather and fabric in multicolour and colourful rhinestones decorate the bags along with golden rivets.

This handbag was available on ebay but if you happen to get offline grab them !

2 Cassette Shaped Handbag

Cassette Shaped Handbag

The era of cassettes is over but its nostalgia prevails.This handbag looks like a large cassette with reels out as straps.

Do not think twice before buy if you happen to see this handbag anywhere.It may be your possession !

3 Rugby ball Shaped handbag

 Rugby ball Shaped handbag

This handbag looks like a rugby-ball with straps.The look and feel of the bag is bold with nice leather stitches.

It can be a perfect gift for any girl if you happen to find one.

4 Cute Bat Shaped Handbags

 Cute Bat Shaped Handbags

Cute Bat handbags are shaped in the form of a smiling bat.This bag definitely has an interesting look unlike the unusual boring handbags.

These Bat handbags can be used as a cross body bag or a clutch.

5 Computer Keyboard Shaped Handbag

 Computer Keyboard Shaped Handbag

This is another weird , unusual and attractive handbag which resembles the shape of a computer keyboard.

You can expect this kind of gift from your computer savvy boy friend or husband !

6 Hen Shaped Handbag

Chicken Shaped Handbag

This handbag has been in trends and is called Chicken handbag.

If you are going to carry this handbag you are sure to get attention.It has an adorable look and spacious pockets.

7 Head Shaped Handbag

Chopped Head Hand Shaped

The decapitated human head was actually designed in 2008 by Israel designer .It was made by moulding flat felt in the shape of a human face.

The ‘executioner’s hand bag’ has been moulded in such a way as to appear to be containing a decapitated head.It has ample space for your belongings.