7 Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Leather Handbag

Fancy, fashionable, Stylish. A leather handbag reveals that all about you. But how can you pick the one that’s ideal for you when there are so many options?

We’ll go through the 7 tips to watch out for BEFORE purchasing a leather handbag in this article. By the time it’s over, you’ll understand what to look for and will be a lot more knowledgeable on how to pick your brand-new beautiful leather bag! Let’s start.

Tips before Buying a Leather Handbag

Machine vs. Handmade

Machine-made leather handbags make up the majority of the market. Because of this, the businesses can produce things more affordably and sell them to you for less money. This translates to less money spent on production and an increase in sales.

However, you only need one REALLY GOOD one—you don’t need ten cheap ones! So take a handcrafted leather bag into consideration. Our Abramovich Modern Briefcase is an illustration of a finely constructed leather bag. Compared to mass manufacturing, the quality & care given are far superior, and since each bag is crafted by hand, each one is totally unique! Consider it like this: Owning a leather bag is nice, but owning a leather handbag that is unique to the entire globe is better!

Leather Material Used

Your bag’s appearance and feel are significantly influenced by the type of fabric leather you select. The two main choices available to you are full-grain and bonded leather. What you want is whole grain.

Even after using the bag for years, it still provides outstanding quality! It’s bonded leather that you want to stay away from. It is constructed from leftovers that are chemically cobbled together, and the outcomes are poor. It loses quality, ages more quickly, and just doesn’t feel right. Choose full-grain leather wherever possible; you won’t be sorry!


When would you want it to crumble, then? I mean, never? So be sure to purchase a bag that will last for a long time rather than a 3 month-long piece of leather. Your bag should last as long as it can. Here are the things to look for to do that:

Stitching Excellence

Verify the quality of the stitching by going over each individual seam. Give it the benefit of the doubt if it appears careless and unreliable.

You don’t have time to fuss with shoddy stitching that will cause your bag to come apart in less than six months; you want the nicest bag you can afford.

Quality of the Interior Lining

Whether you’re in a real store, check to see if everything seems okay by opening the bag and looking inside.

Do not be scared to touch anything and check to see sure everything is in its proper position!

You can ensure that the bag you receive will last a decade rather than just a season by spending a few minutes longer on quality control.

Strong Handles and Straps

This is a major issue. Consider putting your notebook in a brand-new bag, and as you leave the house, the straps break, causing the bag to tumble. All of the pictures and videos you stored on that laptop could be lost at that point! Really, do you want to run the risk of losing your priceless memories? No!

So make sure to examine the handles and straps for strength and durability! To keep your handbag looking and feeling great for a very long time after you purchase it, make sure to read our post on the finest leather maintenance methods!


Are you planning to use that for your laptop? Ensure that it fits. Are you planning to fill it up with a lot of textbooks? ENSURE THAT THEY FIT! You must be able to use your bag.

For more information on what you should look for in terms of usability if you intend to use it for traveling, see our post with 7 Tips for Packing for a Business Trip. Ask yourself what you’re going to use it for if you intend to use it for anything else.

Then, pay extra close attention to see if a bag may fulfill whatever function you need!

Check everything—the number of pockets, the size, and the amount of space within!

Again, spending a little more time on the details is always worthwhile!

Origin Country

The quality of the bag is significantly influenced by the country of manufacture. There are some nations, such as Italy and France, that produce high-quality leather bags, but you shouldn’t buy one because it says “Made in Italy” on the label.

Large corporations manufacture their bags wherever it is most affordable for them, finish them in Italy, and then sell them to you knowing that people prefer Italian bags.

Avoid falling for the scams. Buy your bag because you love it and the quality, not just because it’s from your nation.

Your Budget

Budget is at number six. This is straightforward: if you don’t have enough cash to buy a bag, you can’t have it. Sometimes, leather handbags can cost over $1,000, which might be a bit out of your price range. Von Baer Bags is aware of your difficulties.

We created the highest-quality leather bags available at considerably more reasonable costs because of this. You would get the handbag of your desires without going broke, it’s true! A high-quality bag need not be expensive, and a low-cost bag need not be of poorer quality.

You want to save money by purchasing the BEST bag possible. You’re not attempting to GIVE the bag for the highest price. Observe that.


Now that everything else has been taken care of, style is what’s left. You are confident in the bag’s durability, the number of pockets it has, its ability to hold your laptop, and the quality of the leather. If it possesses all of these qualities and you genuinely appreciate it, you are set. You’ve located your bag, and you’re prepared to use it to conquer the world!


Before purchasing a leather purse, be sure to watch out for these 7 things! To ensure that you choose the best one, be sure to take all of these into account.I appreciate you reading. Please share this article if you found it useful and leave a comment below with your thoughts.