7 best ways to protect your hair in summer

With the shinning sun, comes the season of enjoyment. Summer’s here, at last, with all the goodies. With summers come mangoes and holidays. The pool parties are back. So are the trendy stylish dresses to soak in the sun. After all this is the season to let your hair down and play along all day long.

Not to forget the beach vacations and the pool parties. Filled with Fun and frolic. With all this fun summer can also have an extensive effect on our beauty. The UVB rays of the sun harm our skin and hairs simultaneously. Faded color, Split ends, dryness and brittleness can all be results of severe damage by the sun.

Beautiful hair is a part of beautiful us at any point of time. Thus, it is of utmost necessity in today’s date to ensure the beauty and the bounce of our tresses remains the same. We never know when can crop up that special amazing date with your prince charming.

So do we give up on our everyday fun just to maintain that bounce in our hairs? No way. Go on and enjoy your days. Life is made up of all the little parties that will make us go on and smile when we look down back at them down the way.

Sun protection is thus an integral part of maintaining healthy hair and preventing the damage irreversibly. Here are the top simple tricks that fit with your everyday routine comfortably:-

1 Buy a hat or a scarf.

Scarf is a popular way to protect the hair burn

A hat or a scarf makes moving out in summer all the more easier. Your hair can get sun burnt too. The rays of the sun though if prevented from reaching directly can help prevent damage. Just make sure you have a scarf or cap on. Just go for the printed ones, with all the vibrant colors. Chic, Stylish and gorgeous they go with almost anything, anytime.

2 Choose your products with care

While we want to get our hair the best possible care, it is necessary to make sure that they are actually compatible with our hair. While purchasing your products make sure that they are meant for your hair type. There are variants of products for dry, frizzy and oily hair. Make sure you understand the texture of your hair at that point of time and match it with the conditions in the bottle.

3 Shampooing the right way

While we love to wash our hairs daily, it actually dries out our hair. So all we need to do is make sure we shampoo the best way. Apply the shampoo to your scalp only. Do not apply it on your hairs. The buds get automatically washed off when washed.

4 Condition

Conditioning your hair is as important as the shampoo. The shampoo opens the strands of your scalp allowing the dirt to escape. It is of utmost necessity to apply a conditioner next to ensure that the dirt next does not trap your hair cuticles again. There are various variants in conditioners too. In addition to that different brands provide different benefits. So it must always be ensured that only the right kind of products reaches your shelves.

5 Apply UV proof products to your hair

Like your skin your hairs also need to be UV protected. It is not always possible to get that scarf on. Hence, for the occasions where you really need to show how beautiful your mane is just put on a little sunscreen. TO shield the UV rays apply products to your hair that consist of UV protected material. A little fade in the color of your hair is proof of sun damage. Use sun protected products to ensure your man’s safety and enhance its natural beauty.

6 Haircut

Get rid of all the dead ends before the summer. Dead ends mean damaged hair. With the dead ends on; the damage done will just only increase. Wait for the next trim till the summer months are over.

7 Styling

Drying your hair and styling them incessantly tends to dry them up. The natural solution would be to put the hairstyling at bay for those summer months. Try and avoid as much of the drying chemicals as possible in the summer months. The excessive heat and styling tends to damage and dull your hairs a little more.

Also ensure that your diet is equally encompassed to get you going in the summer months. The sun’s rays can break down the protein content in your hair, making it weak and bringing up a number of problems. The vitamins need to be put back in the hair to ensure that they remain healthy and lively throughout. The protein content for your hairs must also be enhanced from time to time. Be sure to include fresh veggies, yoghurt, nuts, essential vitamins, and fresh fruits. Fish is another great source of vitamin for your hairs.

Deep condition your hairs, once the summers are gone, to prepare them for the next season. The deep conditioning helps prevent the damage that occurs in hair due to seasonal change. Round the year drinking a lot of water helps prevent damage to all sorts to your tresses to a great extent.

So go on girls! Let your hairs down this summer….