The other medicinal benefits of Onion Juices besides hair growth agent

While onions have medicinal values , their juices too , have an importance in terms of health and beauty.In the article about making natural conditional with henna and onion juicesyou had seen the advantages of onion juices for hair growth.In this post we will explore more advantages from onion juices in terms of skin care.


Dark spots Remover

Onion has natural dark spots removal properties

According to a Californian Dermatology Board , a mixture of lemon and onion juice may be applied on face to get rid of dark spots, scars and acne.’While the nature of both these are acidic but when they are mixed in right proportion , they become soft’, it adds.According to this right proportion –  1/4  teaspoon of onion should be mixed with same amount of lemon juice to make this paste.The paste should be removed after 10-15 minutes.


Acne & Scar’s natural treatment Agent

The acne can be naturally treated with onion and curd paste

Take either onion juice or mix it with curd.Make a cotton ball and dip it in the paste.Apply it over the dark spots for few minutes.Wash it after 5 minutes with lukewarm water.The paste is an effective home remedy against scars and dark spots.


Anti Aging Properties

Sulfur and Vitamins in Onion makes it readily available home made anti aging substance

The presence of Sulfur and Vitamins in onion makes it a natural anti-fungal and anti-aging agent.You can make a paste of equal proportion of onion juice and garlic and add vinegar to it.Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water.Your face will begin to glow and acnes will subside.


Reduces Redness and Swellings

The sulfur in onion also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of onion helps to reduce the redness and swellings.

Add 2 tea-spoons of onion in to olive oil.Apply this on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wipe your face with some water.This will not only reduce the swellings but also the redness
The paste prevents the building up of collagen in scars.It will take some time to get good results after following this process.


Removes unwanted Hair and warts

Onion+Basil combo can be used for facial hair removal

A homemade transparent gel  made of fresh basil leaves and onion also helps in removal of undesired hair.Apply the gel over the parts for about 1 month and you will get surprising results.For warts , make a paste of finely chopped onions and with salt and apply it on the wart for 3 hours and then wash it off will water.

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