12 top wedding hairstyles for long hair divas

Wedding—One of the most important events in the life of any woman. This is a day when we women will want to make every part of ourselves look beautiful. Selecting on the perfect hairstyle is as important as deciding on the wedding dress.

End of the day we all want to look as best as we possibly can. Deciding on your perfect hairstyle, no matter how difficult it might be is always essential, as essential is deciding on your perfect look.

Depending on how long your hair is you need to decide, what type of a hairstyle you choose for yourself. the recent trends in wedding styling for long hairs include western designs, classic updos, or just long lose beautiful waves. Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be difficult for you have to look beautiful and manage all those tresses beautiful throughout the day for those photos and videos.

1 Soft Curled Bun

Soft Curled Bun Hairstyle

The hairs curled and softened can be pinned down to one place. Next ornament it to match it with your wedding dress. Confidence and elegance speaks through this look. The look always lets out a romantic vibe.

2 Multi Braided bun

Multi Braided bun Hairstyle

With the multi-braided bun you can go on and experiment you hairstyle by the help of a variety of decorations that include pearls, flowers and other ornaments. This hairstyle is done by braiding or wrapping your hair and then pinning them down. You can also use a combination of the two.

3 Back Bun

Back Bun Hairstyle

A mix of the straight wrapped hair mixed with braids and then curling your rest of the hairs is what the back bun is made of.

Traditional Hair-Styles

South Indians have always been known for their long hairs. They have always managed to drape their hairs beautifully for every occasion. The most favorite South Indian Hairstyle is that of a braid. A simple single braid, decorated with Jasmines and other gems. The flowers are usually worn interweaved.

4 Jeweled Indian Style

Jeweled Braid Indian Hair Style

Bring the hairs to a side and tie them into a braid. Next decorate it with a variety of colorful gems. Tie this a little lose so as to accommodate all the jewels.

5 Side swept hairstyle

Side swept Indian hairstyle

If you are the proud owner of long, wavy hairs, show them off by sweeping them sideways and then putting up your veil. go easy and carefree, but make sure they compliment your look and face. You may also just pin it once if you do not want to get all fussy about it.

6 Loose wavy hairs

Loose wavy Hairstyle for Indians

Have a simple hairstyle. Just pin it as you do on normal days. Just be sure that you can carry your hairstyle all day long.

7 Simple pinning

Simple pinning hairstyle

Part your hairs from the arch of your eyebrows and pull them back. Now tie them up in either a braid or a curl. Put on a jeweled ornament. Just leave it on.

8 Flowery

flowery hairstyle for Indian weddings

Get as many varieties of flowers as you can. Now braid the hairs just above your ears and get them decorated with the flowers. Put on a floral wreath on your hair and then pin down a few ore to your tresses if you can.

9 Loose Side bun

Loose Side bun hairstyle

Just tie a bun to your hair parted sideways as if you just want to let it lose, but not right at this moment. This hairdo proves your efficiency along with the uplifting the mood and speaking for itself.

10 Fishtail Braid

Fish Tail Braid Hairstyle by a bollywood celebrity

This type of hairstyle involves wrapping the hair in a raid wherein the hairs divided in only two parts. It is usually left sideways.

11 Formal wrap bun

Formal Wrap bun hairstyle

Just pull all your hair up and tie them in a bun; if you do not want them messing around your face. This goes very well with the veil. But you have to make sure that this style suits with you and it does not mar your wedding look.

12 Cascading braid

Cascading braid hairstyle

Take a few strands of your hair from behind your ears and make a braid out of them. If you can manage make another braid from the strands below. Now wrap the three criss-crossing each other. This is how you make a cascading braid.

You got to make your hair look beautiful, with minimal split ends and tangles. Stay away from hot water. Condition your hair properly and make sure they are not devoid of their natural oils. Do not rub your hair very roughly as that can damage them further. Let your hairs dry naturally and then go on to brushing or combing them gently.

The bride’s personality shines through her on her wedding day. As you have been detailing every step of the way, make sure that your hairs fall as a part of the way. Formal, casual, fun or serious this is the day when you have to shine. It’s just when everything falls into place that you shine.