Rishikesh activities: 5 Best Things to do!

Considered one of the holiest places for Hindus, majority of Rishikesh activities originally associated with witnessing Hindu religion & practices.

Since the last decade adventure sports also got popularity in Rishikesh. The  visitors are attracted by the adrenaline-pumping adventure activities like water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking amidst mind-blowing natural beauty

Not only that, Rishikesh is termed as the yoga capital of the world, for it’s age-old yoga culture that not only helps the devotees to cure their bodily ailment, but to uplift their soul and attain peace of mind.

There are so many things to see in and around Rishikesh and countless things to do while you are in this Garhwali city.

Checkout these top 5 popular activities in Rishikesh !

1 Watching Ganga Arti

Maha Aarti at Triveni Ghat

Ganges is the holiest river in Hindu religion.

And in Rishikesh, the sacredness of Ganges has reached new heights. According to Hindu shahstra if you take a dip into Ganges in Rishikesh, all your sins will wash away.

Based on this belief, devotees all over the country flock to Rishikesh to take a plunge into holy water of Ganga, and offer puja and Aarti towards her everyday.

Parmarth Niketan arti

Watching the twice-a-day MahaAarti at Triveni ghat is an out-of-this-world sight.Conducted by Parmarth Niketan- one of the most celebrated Hidnu ashram and temple compound in India, the ambience during Ganga Aarti feels surreal with various rituals and constant Sanskrit sloka chanting by ashramiks.

The main ritual of this whole Aarti is called hawan or purifying that takes place around a hawan kund or sacred fire.

After that, little boys who study Veda in Parmarth Niketan, chant mantra and sloka with their sharp, melodious yet haunting voices.

If you love clicking photos, then this is the best moment of your life to take capture of. Though, you need to wake up early and reach at the venue, otherwise it’s really hard to get a suitable view for the jostling and thick crowd.

2 River Rafting & Camping

White Water Rafting

If you want to get real kick, then go for white water rafting in Rishikesh.

Though, there are several agencies that conduct white water rafting alongside camping and trekking in Rishikesh, among them, Paddle India is noteworthy.

Ganges is the lifeline of Rishikesh and white water rafting through the water of Ganges gives you the feel of danger, adventure, blood-rush and excitement.

Whether you are with family, group of friends or all alone- this rafting experience will always make you dizzy with adrenaline rush.

Not only rafting, the package also includes a one-night camping on the banks of Ganges and a morning trekking.

Both of them are unforgettable memories.

3 Learning Yoga

Rishikesh in India is the best place to learn Yoga in the world
Statue of Hindu Lord Shiva (Creator of Yoga) in Rishikesh 

Yoga is what makes Rishikesh a renowned name all around the world. Tourists and believers from different corners of the globe come to Rishikesh for Yoga workshops / classes in a calm and peaceful ambience.

There are various schools/ ashrams in Rishikesh who host long or short-term Yoga classes. You can learn from here the most easy yoga asanas to the advanced yoga poses.

Some of the famous names are Yoga Vini- drop-in classes, Ma Yoga ashram, Himalayan Yoga academy etc.These Yoga courses not only help you to find the perfect harmony between your body and mind, but also give solutions to many ailments like obesity, arthritis, diabetes etc.

4 Ayurveda Treatment & Meditation

Ayurveda therapy in Rishikesh
Ayurveda treatments & spa are unique offerings

Ayurveda spa and massages are something everyone aspires for, in Rishikesh. After a hectic day-tour or some adventure sports later, an Ayurveda treatment will simply rejuvenate your body and mind.

Also if you are feeling dejected and lethargic, then these Ayurveda treatments are great mediums to detoxify your body, energizing your mind and giving you soft and supple skin.

Meditation is another USP of Rishikesh where,to tackle the lifestyle issues like stress, anger, anxiety or lack of concentration- a 15 minutes to an hour session of meditation daily, is enough to face them head-on in life.

Osho Gangadham, Institution for Higher Meditative Consciousness, Hotel Ganga Kinare are some of the places to practice and learn the art of Yoga, under the supervision of teachers and experts.

5 Visiting Beatle’s/ Delmar Café

Beatles Cafe Rishikesh

If you love Beatles and swinging 60s and vegan food- then a gourmet journey to Beatle’s café should be in your itinerary-list of Rishikesh.

There are many things in favor of Delmar café that are going great- their location gives stunning view of Ganges and they have an open deck area, the vibe and ambience of the café is cool, 60’s inspired and extremely warm, the menu includes healthy vegan and Ayurveda food, especially the smoothies and salads.

Your touring of Rishikesh would be incomplete without hitting off Beatle’s café.


Apart from these five activities there are many more avenues to explore in Rishikesh like- trekking, bungee jumping, kayaking, shopping etc.

Do some homework before going to Rishikesh on what you would like to do there upon arrival ,or else you will feel lost with so many options.