Nail art is latest buzz in beauty trends

Like tattoos , nail art is also getting popular these days. Not only among youngsters but housewives and working women as well. This generation believes in pampering themselves and wants to look perfect from every angle, from top to toe. Gone are the days when nails could be taken for granted so the new funda is love yourself up to your fingertips.Now hand and nail art is becoming as sophisticated as skin care. You have choices to go in nail bars and spas where u can get specialized care and guidance provided by experts and u can get services of nail artists who could change your nail into an artist’s canvas.

Nail Art business

Gone are the days when all that you needed for your nail care was a set that comprised a nail cutter, a nail filer, an emery board, a softening cream and at last a good nail polish. Now you have to include a lot more things like a cuticle minimizer, nail hardener, hand mask etc.Today nail art has become a mega business. Beauty saloons are offering special services for their clients who are not just looking for a nail polish or a simple manicure. Many big cities have nail pit –stops. Services ranging from regular polish to fixing gel or acrylic nails or fitting rings on the nails etc are provided here. Different nail decoratives , nail stickers, gel, silk overlays etc are available here, and you can choose according to your need and occasion. These nail spas and bars have special nail treatment with plenty of gossip magazines to indulge in while your nail paint dries.

Nail Tattoo

Nails have been painted and shaped in different styles by people according to their choices but the current trend is almond shaped nails with a reverse French manicure-that is, a blank base and colored tips. French manicure is a simple manicure with stunning effect. Normal cutting, filing and shaping of nails is done and a white polish is applied to the nail tips while the lower part is left natural giving them a most eye catching effect. According to experts Glassy blues, rich emerald, greens and opaque purples are very much in vogue.

Tips for great nails

  • Trim and file your nails regularly.
  • Tip of the nail should not be more than a quarter of the entire nail length.
  • Home manicure and pedicure should be done every fortnight.
  • Eating a healthy diet comprising fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole wheat products keep you and your nails healthy.
  • To prevent nails from breaking, you should keep it hydrated, the best way is drinking water at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Before going to bed soak your nails in warm water with few drops of lemon. After that hand massage could be done.
  • Must use hand gloves before doing household chores to protect your hands and nails from harmful chemical laden detergents.
  • These tips are use full for every body but the greatest tip is yet to come that is keeping yourself happy and stress free.

So what are you waiting for go and flaunt your nails !