Five hottest USA celebrities with tattoos

Tattoos have become more and more common in the fashion scenario. People no longer associate tattoos with criminals, rebels or non-serious persons. Now people are getting tattoos done to look funkier and cool to make a style statement.

According to a US magazine, 45 per cent of the women in FHM sexiest woman all have tattoos.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham’s Hebrew tattoo runs from her neck to just below her shoulders. The Hebrew character s read: “ I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

The phrase comes from the song of songs in the Hebrew bible. It is the most popular Hebrew tattoo design as well.She had a new tattoo to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary.The singer turned fashion designer recently showed off her tattoo which she got to express her devotion to soccer star husband David. The tattoo reads: Together forever, eternally. She also has five stars on her back , representing her and David and their three sons.



Rihanna’s star sparkle tattoo: She is just involved with tattoos. She must have at least six tattoos in her collection of body art . The singer wears a star tattoo in the back of her neck. She spotted a huge plaster on her neck when she ventured out. The twenty year old singer also has tattoo on her neck. It goes as “ rebelle fleur” that’s the French word for rebel/rebellious flower. But this is not her first tattoo. In January she had thirteen tattoos.

It reads “Never a failure always a lesson meant that it’s ok to make a mistake just don’t make them twice”.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has revealed that two of the tattoos she acquired for her latest film WANTED are a homage to the second world war Prime Minister. The words in gothic script on her upper arms come from a speech Sir Winston made on the day he took office in 1920. In an interview to US TV , she said,” We tried to focus the tattoos on themes that would be related to this sense of justice.

She played a trained killer called Fox in ‘Wanted’ and it was a welcome relief from the experience of having her own extensive collection of body art covered up. ‘Know your right’ is printed in English on the back of her neck and again in Latin as well.

Alyssa Milano


Alyssa Milano’s cross tattoo: Her collection of tattoos can be found on many fan sites. She has added to her collection of tattoos consisting of angels, fairies and rosary which depicts that she is a very religious woman. Milano uses her tattoos as a symbol of her life and the things important in it which is a good reason to get a tattoo done. She gets a tattoo to say something and has developed from young child star to sexy siren with some great tattoos show.

Alyssa’s tattoo on right shoulder blade shows her religious devotion. It can be seen with many of her outfits. She also has a tattoo of an angel and initials of an exflame as well. She also has at tattoo of wraparound chain of roses with red petals and green leaves that compliments the tattoo on the left leg. She also has a tattoo of kneeling fairy with grass and flowers. Alyssa also has a tattoo of Buddhist symbol for Om on her left wrist and a tattoo of a snake biting its own tales on the right wrist.

Angie Everharts


Angie Everhart’s angel tattoo- She has a dragon tattoo on her very lower back. She has appeared in Sports Illustrated , her tattoo is a design of an angel, classically styled on her extreme lower back. Her tattoos are a good choice as they symbolize peace, love and beauty.

Angie’s angel tattoos are regarding their relationships with humans. Her tattoos raised a controversy as it was very deep.Some consider it pretty while some consider it obscene. She even has a tattoo with her name.These tattoos look hot and stuning on her as she has a great body.