4 Timeless fashion style and accessories

Timeless Fashion accessories

To some people fashion and style comes naturally but for some it is still a rocket science. For those who find it difficult to follow fashion trends and always keep it stylish must swear by the timeless fashion clothing and accessories to avoid any blunders. Now is the question of what are those clothes and accessories that can never go wrong when paired up together. We now bring the timeless fashion clothing and accessories that can never go wrong.

1 Straight cut jeans of medium fit, crisp white shirt and minimal accessories

This is one kind of look that can never go wrong ever! Since ages people have been wearing this without committing any blunders irrespective of the fact whether they understand fashion or not. Jeans cut fashion trends keep evolving every one or two year and you might get confused what is there in fashion these days. So to avoid any major blunders keep in your closet one straight cut medium fit jeans that ends at the ankle. Team up a simple white shirt with minimal accessories of your choice and you are great to go for any occasion. If it’s a night party team up some bling accessories and high heels; for the day you could opt for slip-ons, ballerinas, shoes or heels according to your own choice.

2 Pencil skirts, blouse and heels

There are many fashion trends that come and go as far as skirts are concerned but pencil skirts fall in the category of timeless fashion trends. Team your skirt up with a smart blouse and wear your heels. For accessories a chunky bracelet with dazzling earrings for a night party or sleek accessories for day time would be great.

3 Graphic T-shirt, jeans and ballerinas/shoes

For a casual day out if you are wondering what you must wear, then the answer is pretty simple. If you really don’t know how to keep it cool and stylish put on a cute graphic T-shirt with your favorite pair of jeans. You can wear either shoes or ballerinas as footwear. For accessories, go for hair bands, hair clips and funky accessories. Do not wear any neck accessories to avoid fashion blunders or to look over the top.

4 Simple timeless fashion tips

If color scheming is your problem always follow a simple rule. Keep it simple in terms of color coding for your clothes and add a dash of color in your accessories, footwear or bag. Using too much of contrasting or bright colors looks gaudy.

Always remember to avoid wearing neckpiece, earrings and bracelets all at the same time. If you are wearing a neck piece miss out your earring and put on a sleek bracelet or a chunky cocktail ring. If you are going to wear a nice dangle earrings, avoid wearing neckpiece and go for a chunky or noticeable bracelet.

Follow these simple timeless fashion tips, clothing and accessories styling tips and you can never go wrong in making the right style statement.