Latest shoes trends for teens making waves

co-editor.jpg Do you remember the story of Cinderella who got her prince charming due to the shoe she left behind, the story still charms us and our kids at the same time it gives us a hint that we should try to look best from our top to toe. When comes the time to wear something in our foot we don’t bother much .But it is observed that a bad foot wear spoils your image and foot both. So, from now don’t take your footwear casually, try to wear something that is trendy, comfortable and affordable.

When we think of going out for a party or an office meeting we choose a suitable out fit and footwear that goes well with it. Foot wear can be worn according to occasions you are going to. It may be a rubber flip flop, sandals, lather pumps, stilettos or it may be a canvas sequined sneakers.

Sparta Sandals making waves

spartan sandals are in trends

Sparta inspired sandals with lots of straps and beautiful, elaborate heels have always been an all time hit among city girls. Girls in their teens are very particular about their footwear.It is said that give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.They are very conscious about their looks and they believe that a pair of right shoe can change their personality; well they are very much true. Celebrities also use unique footwear to be in news. Some celebrities have bizarre appetite for footwear. They proudly announce that they have this much pair of shoes. Nice pair of shoe not only makes your personality attractive it also increases your confidence.

Peep toe wedges in rage

Peep Toe Wedges Shoes

What’s in vogue: Ladies! , if you are going to buy shoes/footwear this season you have ample options don’t stop yourself.” peep toe wedges and elevator heels are a rage these days. Blocky looking cone and square heels or stacked heels are an all time hit, open toed wedges are different and score ten o ten on the comfort factor. They give you a different look even with a simple outfit. Open toed wedges are comfortable and you feel more stable as they allow you extra stability. And the best part about these wedges is that they don’t blow a whole in your pocket. They are available in the range your pocket can easily afford.

Summer trendy shoes 2014

Trendy Summer Shoes

With summer knocking at the door you should go for colors such as purple, yellow dark green, deep red and berry shades for that trendy look. Choose bold, harmonic colors. Do not forget to keep a black and a white pair as they can be clubbed up with any color, these two colors never goes out of fashion. Although some of us prefer high heels as it looks more glamorous at the same time we get an instant height gain but it can give you aching feet if you wear it for a long time. Platforms are therefore a better option as you will be far away from neck breaking pain. People specially women experience pain in their feet due to wrong footwear choice, so platform shoes are better option ,if you often feel pain try flat shoes, they are safer for everyday routine. So if you want to be fashionably comfortable choose right footwear.

Going to buy shoes ! Always remember

  • Buy the right size.
  • Buy colors that suit your outfits.
  • Keep a black, a white and a red color always in your wardrobe.
  • Keep them clean and dry.
  • Take special care during rainy season, have a look on your collection at least once in a week.
  • If your skin is sensitive and develop allergies often you should carefully see the material used in the making of the foot wear.