6 Simple Party Makeup Tips: Get A Stunning Look in Minutes!

Everyone wants to look their best at a party!  That’s because, it is the event to enjoy and we want to make sure we are at our best while we do so. Checkout, these simple party makeup tips to get a perfect look in an easy way!

Party Makeup Tips

Party Makeup: Importance of essentials

Choosing the right shoes, dress, bags and accessories is of the greatest importance when it comes to the party make-up.

If not done properly, this can turn out to be the greatest disaster.

Your simple party look is based on the right amount and usage of makeup. Makeup can make or break your party look.

The best look can be achieved only with the best understanding of yourself and the products at hand. So here a few tips to make sure you do not have to rush to the salon for a party makeup.

Party makeup preparation

Choose your dress, your footwear and your accessories.

Only after all the elements are together can you decide how much to go on the make-up part.

1 Preparing Skin for the party event.

Washing face for makeup preparation

  • Wash your face, preferably with lukewarm water
  • Rub a few slices of ice on it
  • Apply some cream to moisturise, but make sure it does not make your skin oily

2 Concealing acne & Pores

Conceal acne & blemishes with foundation

  • To start with your makeup it is essential, that you have the perfect starting. If the starting is not right, never can be the ending. The ideal base to your perfect makeup comes from your perfect cleansing and moisturising. Make sure the foundation is of your matching skin tone. Approximately half an hour is enough to let it settle.
  • Make sure that the cream you are using blots the excess oil while soothing your skin. The colour tint must be lighter than your eyes. Use a sponge to blend it. Your eyes needs to be dotted with the cream to even the tone
  • To cover up the spots, acne and blemishes use a concealer. Make sure the tint is of a similar hue to your skin
  • The next step comes in form of the compact powder. This too again has to be of the right shade, so choose it very carefully. The compact covers the makeup look of the foundation and provides you a natural look. The redness of the skin is covered up by the compact powder. A creamy, flawless appearance is needed so make sure to blend it well with the sponge at hand
  • An illuminiser is also a great step towards a perfect party makeup. It works almost equally on all skin tones. To enhance your features and make your eyes look bolder use it right under the eyebrow bone

3 Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye touch-up

  • Highlight the eyes next with the wide variety of colours available as eye liners. Black, white, green, blue or neon match or contrast your eyes in terms with the dress that you choose to put up for the night. For the catty eyes look, you have to create a base of nude eye shadow, over your eyelids and under your eyes. Put on your eyeliner, give a kohl outline. Two coats of mascara next and you are good to go
  • For a better effect choose three different shades of a same color. Now apply the darkest one at the top of the lashes in a slight line. The medium is to be used in the middle touching the dark a little. The lightest shadow must be used right under the brows, to provide a beautiful hue to the eyes
  • Do not line the below eyelids completely under. To line the lower lid use a cake liner or a kohl pencil. Lining two-thirds is enough, going the whole way is not essential. The upper lid must be lined all the way across
  • For the mascara they are for both the upper and lower lids. Apply in two coats both thin. Make sure that they do not get clumped. Use the mascara in hue with your hair colour. In case of dark hair black and brown mascara goes quite well. In case of fair hair go for the brown color. Too much of experiment must not be done on case of the mascara colour as it mostly ends up not looking so good

4 Tips to Beautify Cheeks

Makeover of the Cheeks

  • Now that we are done with the eyes we turn to the cheeks. To add glimmer to the cheekbones, add some shimmer to your cheekbones. Hues of pink are the best for the fair complexion, while the shimmery look goes best with the wheatish complexion, you can experiment all you want and never look bad. Metallic shades of bronze and gold are best suited for the dusky tone though
  • To apply your rouge perfectly smile while you put it on. Great care must be taken so as to ensure that you do not make it an obvious spot of red. Make sure you do not need the reason to blend, for this means that you have applied too much

5 Quick Makeover of the Lips

  • For the lips, get a shade of liner which confirms with the wine shades and your dress. Do not forget the lip-liner
  • The lipstick color must match with your skin tone. Apply them lightly to both lips and then clamp the lips together to create a better even toned look
  • Make sure that the lip liner and the lipstick do not vary mush in their shades

6 Nail Care for party

Taking care of nails for a party

  • Clean your nails through and file them if necessary
  • Start with a coat of colourless base
  • Add two coats of the nail polish, applying those 10 minutes apart
  • Finish it off with another coat of the colourless base
Party Makeup Tips : Last minute suggestions !
  • No matter how much of a hurry you are in, do not just do your make up. You may avoid a step or two, but do not clump them up. You will end wishing that you hadn’t put any on at all
  • Start lightly, adding on is always an options. Bit overdone it’s a mess and there is just no way of overcoming it
  • No matter what never overdo and show your makeup. Your makeup must always be blended. Remember you are only trying to look beautiful further but naturally
  • Last but not the least, always remember you are always beautiful, naturally. For that is how God created us girls. Your trust in your natural beauty is what adds to that extra glow on your face. So never forget to add it on. After all it is this extra goal, which always takes us that extra mile, regardless of the amount and price of the chemicals that we put on. Oh yes! And do not forget to wear that lovely smile on your lips.(Take the smile to your eyes only if necessary). That is the best accessory that you can have put on. Remember no look is complete without that touch of YOU in it. Be yourself and watch the heads spin around you

So go on girls, put on that glow and go out and party!