latest trend in handbags 2013

Hand bag is something we can’t live without as it carries a lot of stuff for us when we go out. Now a day hand bags have become a style statement and it is chosen according to your outfit. As style varies from occasion to occasion accessories also change so, bag being one of the most important accessory also changes. The moral of the story is that every time we step out for a different reason that’s why our requirement would be different so the bag should also be different.

pochette handbags are hot in 2013

Girls/ladies always hunt for hot and trendy accessories and bags are one of them. The summer season brings with it new trends every year, any trend from bright hues to mix prints or retro fashion can wipe out last years trend. Exaggeration is the key to this season’s hand bags. Any thing according to your need can be taken, from maxi holdolls, hand printed canvas rucksacks, woven backpacks to printed clutch, woven straw tote/polyester tote or cotton embroidered clutch but, this seasons bags include style inspired by 50s and 60s.Women with sophisticated and cutting edge sensibility can pick big transparent basket bags that can accommodate their sunscreen and I pads both. The two in one bag a holdoll with a chic pochette

Bright Color Handbags

Handbags with bright colours are in fashion this season

Tucked inside is also getting popular this year. Small bags of all kind are an all time hit and they are replacing clutch this time. Although clutch is being replaced by small bags, metal and leather knot clutch, metal sequined baguette clutch and acrylic clutch is not out of fashion. Bags are getting more popular in prints and bright colors. Leather bag with turn lock and removable straps with a whole lot of useful pockets inside is a hit. Bag with a lot of pockets inside and a single envelop pocket on the out side could be very useful if you have enough stuff to carry.

Women who have a keen sense of style and who want to enhance their wardrobe with unique pieces can go for satin embellished bags with pearls and sequins, suede tote and acrylic clutch. Your requirement may be different but you have enough options to choose, so get ready to look effortlessly trendy by picking right hand bags this year.

Remember This !

  • Buy according to your requirement.
  • Be innovative, create your own style.
  • Don’t shop too much in one day; bags should be bought when you are clear about your preferences, not when your friend is buying it.
  • sometimes buy and use something that reflect your tradition, this is the way you can blend art, culture and fashion, so being traditional is also being fashionable.
  • Too much shiny bags should be avoided especially in day time.
  • Leather bags need your attention during humid condition, keep them clean and dry always.
  • Sometimes the inner stitches of your bag get removed and you may not have any idea about this, so your stuffs may be missing as it goes deep inside, have a look inside your bag sometimes, make necessary changes.