How to choose a right trendy hairstyle

The first question that pops up in a girl’s mind whenever she goes for a haircut or styling is, which one to go for. What are the factors that must be considered before getting a new hairstyle?

If similar questions pop up in your mind too, its time you get aware of how you must choose your hairstyle.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that before you go for a haircut or styling, wash them thoroughly with shampoo. Go in a reputed salon to avoid hair-styling blunders. Now comes the real question which hairstyle to choose.

The answer to this much dreaded question is your hairstyle depends on your face cut. Now let’s see which face cut must have which hairstyle.

Round face hair styleRound or fuller face

If you have such a face cut, it always wiser to have a style that is high on the crown area. Your hair must cover and fall alongside the contours of your face.

This will give an illusion of a thinner and longer face and will enhance your look.If you have short hair, it’s time you grow them at least longer than the chin level.

Young girls oval or round face and a straight hair can also go ahead with puffy emo hairstyle which is in trends these days.

Oval face

This is one face cut that carries off all hairstyles with equal grace. So if you are blessed with one, cheer on!

Both long and short hairstyles are going to suit your face. So it depends on your own choice, which hairstyle you would like to sport.

Oval face hair style

Heart shaped face

Women with this kind of face cut must go for short hairstyles. Don’t grow your hair beyond the chin level. Avoid any haircut that is high on the crown area.

Square shaped face

Women blessed with this face cut must sport short to medium length hairstyles.

Side partitioned hairstyles are going to look great on you. Make them high on the crown area. A wavy hairstyle would look stunning on you.

Triangle shaped face

Women with such a face cut have narrower foreheads and wider chins. You girls too must stick to short hairstyles. Never  go for a cut that emphasizes too much on the jaw area.

Long face

Long Face StyleAll you girls having this face cut must go for layered cuts in short to medium hair length.

Keep your hair bouncy to give a fuller look to your face. You must avoid straightening your hair.

Large forehead, long chin face

Women with such a face cut grow your hair long! Its time to flaunt your long cascading hair! Never go for curls. Straighten your hair and let them flow free and long.

One thing that you must see is the quality of your hair. It is very important to take care of the health of your hair.

So, nourish your hair to keep them healthy and keep in mind the tips given above to sport an envious hairstyle!