Before Getting An Emo Hairstyle: Know these facts!

Emo hairstyle is a hit hair fashion among young guys and girls alike.

The base idea is to change the personality and bring in some funkiness.

It is a very different hairstyle , the effect of which , can be instantly notice. The girls especially can try this hairstyle!

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1 Emo is a youth hairstyle

Teen with an Emo Hair Style

The hot emo hairstyle portrays a cool carefree look with an instant hip-hop feel.

The word ‘Emo’ has two meaning the first one means style of music while the other one means ‘different things for different people’ i.e. the hairstyle is for person who wants to look different.

The style has been mostly famous among the young people (unisex) who pay more attention to their looks.

2 Emo Hairstyle not for curly girly!

If you have a curly hair or a puffy one emo is not for you !

If you have a curly hair or a puffy one , Unfortunately! , the Emo hairstyle will not suit your personality.

The reason is that this hairstyle is best for the ones with a straight hair.

If you want to have an Emo hairstyle  then , at first , get your hair straightened up and then only get such a haircut.

Emo style haircut has basically 3 main styles

There are 3 main different varieties in Emo styles and you can opt for one which suits your look.

The first one is the ‘Short Emo Cut’ which is quite popular among hairstylists.In this style the hair is cut into smaller and bigger layers.The advantage of short emo cut is that it is less time consuming and  goes perfect with girls who carry short dresses.For summer season ‘Short Emo Cut’  is the best emo hairstyle option to opt for.

The second hair style type is ‘Medium Length Emo Cut’ where hair gets emo haircut up to the length of shoulders.As the same suggests the hair cut is neither bigger nor too smaller.

The third one is ‘Long Emo hair Cut’ which is the most popular among the three ,especially, among girls around 20 years or something.In this pattern , your hair is given a layer cut and these layers are of different sizes – bigger and smaller.

4 Hair Color importance in Emo

Red , Purple and Brown are the three main colors used in Emo style

The hair color is equally important in Emo hairstyle aprt from the ‘cut’.

Hair Experts suggest to apply 2 or 3 shades of color on your hair after getting an emo hair cut.

Preferably , grey or brown color should be applied over the front layer while red or purple suits best on the background layers.

The emo cut suits best when the middle layer is left natural.

5 Adding to look with Emo Accessories

Emo Accessories like hairbands , hair clips and bow is a must have !

Accessories of style play a great role in adding up to the look in Emo style.

The items like bow , hairband and hairclips can be applied.

Heart Shaped clips look excellent with this look.