Get Gorgeous: Tips for a blushing bride

tips_bridal All the girls love looking their best on their wedding day as it is a big day in anyone’s life. This is the time they do maximum efforts for putting together a beautiful wedding dress, the best of makeup and jewellery and a great pair of footwear.

If you want to get that perfect blush and look you must keep in mind a few things. You know that it is going to be a big day start working on it at least a month in advance. Stop all those colas, fried chips and processed food. You are bound to grab some in between meals or when you are nervous thinking on what all you have to do for the D day. Keep fresh fruits and nuts in your kitchen so that you grab them instead.

Low Calorie Eatables

Opt for low calorie food if you are eating out. Grains, pulses must be consumed in good quantity. Eat meals regularly at proper intervals of time. Don’t skip any of the meals. Instead of eating two or three whole big meals, eat several small meals that will prevent you from looking bloated. Include lot of greens too.

The most important of all is, drink plenty of water. That is a natural skin glower. It will make your skin look flawless and glowing. Instead of only relying on face masks do things that are naturally good for your skin type. Alcoholic drinks must be avoided completely too as they boost water retention in the body.

Steamed vegetables

Beans, soy products and vegetables such as ladyfinger, cauliflower and broccoli must be avoided as they create gas and make you feel uneasy and look bloated. Also other foods such as processed foods or fried foods must be avoided as they are high in sodium content. Such foods retain water. Consumption of steamed vegetables is great, so increasing their intake especially in dinners would be best.

Anti bloating food

In case you feel bloated in spite of taking care of the food, chew on some peppermint or have some peppermint tea, which would soothe your stomach. Cucumber is great anti bloating food item. Chewing gums are also a big no-no.Avoid consumption of coffee, black tea, dark chocolate and even red wine before the big day as it can stain your pearly whites.

Cardio work out

A daily exercise regime would be great for the body. Include more of weight training and cardio work out, they will help you lose those extra kilos and if you have that perfect shape these exercise will help you maintain it. Breathing exercises would relieve you off stress and tensions.

Sleep Well

Last but not the least, have a good night’s sleep. All your face masks, spas and beauty treatments would work the best and give you the perfect glow if you take optimum amount of sleep. So eat rite, exercise regularly and eat healthy to become a beautiful blushing bride on your wedding day.