Saying good bye to those tension headaches !

Headache has relation with life style Tension is the root of all illnesses. It leads to stress and unwanted diseases. The most common illness of them is headaches. Headaches tend to take a toll on a person’s health completely as they lead to feeling of being unwell, loss of vigour and strength, loss of concentration in work, high irritability and mood swings.

It is therefore very important to adopt all means to get rid of tension headaches. In order to avoid such a problem it is most important to reduce stress levels. This will lessen the tension and thus eradicate the headache.

Involving oneself in leisure activities and recreation leads to lowering of stress levels. There is a very well known adage that says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This is very true. Always keep in mind that if you overwork and do things beyond your capacity it will lead to tensions and thus the headache.

There are a few things that you could adopt in order to get relief from the tension and its headache. They are given below.

Breathing exercises

These exercises are simple to follow. Get up early in the morning and practice some breathing exercises. They bring down the stress levels. For knowing more about the breathing exercises consult your doctor or a fitness expert. A person well versed with Yoga Asanas will be the best to guide you through stress reducing breathing exercises.


meditation also helps in tension headaches Practicing Yoga every morning too helps in reducing the stress levels. There are many Asanas or poses in Yoga dedicated to bringing down stress levels. They will help you get rid of the tension headaches.



This is a great way to reduce tension as well as improve concentration. Meditate everyday for about 15 minutes and you will see the tension headache moving away from you.


Listening to music

Listening to soft and soothing music everyday helps in distressing. When you suffer from a tension headache try listening to soft music, mostly instrumental and see the headache going away.



Join a hobby class that could be a painting, dancing, music or any other class that holds your interest. These classes will be all about you favourite activities and thus will bring joy and pleasure reducing tensions for you. If you love adventure, involve yourself in adventure sports.


Listening to soft music relieves in headache Take some time off

Go for vacation every now and then to deal effectively with stress and tension.


Tension headaches lead to the feeling of pressure in any particular area in your head or neck. Pressing that area will bring relief. If that area is somewhere on your neck. Place a tennis ball below your neck and lie down. It will help you get relief.


If the headache makes you feel very uncomfortable, take a trustworthy painkiller for instant relief. If nothing brings permanent relief, consult your doctor.

Richa Kumar is a Mumbai based article writer and loves to write on health , fashion and life style.