Which shoes go best with which dress !

Believe it or not but shoes make up in a great way to your overall appearance. Choosing the wrong pair of shoes for your dress may end up becoming a big fashion disaster. It is therefore very important to be extremely cautious of which shoes you are wearing with which dress.

There are a few must haves in your shoe rack that save the day when you are not in a mood to make a bold style statement. There must also be one envying pair of stunning shoes that does become your style statement eventually.

Colours also are a very important part of the process of choosing your shoes. Nowadays nude coloured footwear is really high on fashion statement if you are wearing a dark coloured or dazzling dress. If you choose to go simple with not adding much colour to your outfit, you could choose bright coloured footwear to add zing to your overall appearance.

Now let’s see which shoes go best with which dress.


Ballerinas go best with flowy dress

This flat footwear looks very cute on a day time flowy dress, Capri and even with jeans too. If you choose for a bright coloured ballerina make sure your outfit doesn’t have too much of bright colours otherwise it would look too over the top.

High heeled pumps

High heeled pumps works perfect on jeans

This footwear is high on fashion quotient and looks great if you are wearing a formal outfit. They also look great on jeans too. Many working women choose for this footwear to wear in office and make bold style statement.


boots go well with skinny jeans

This is one kind of footwear which must be only worn if you have the right amount of attitude and guts to flaunt it appropriately. Boots nowadays come up to ankle length and knee length. A knee length flowy dress would look great on knee length boots, but you must be very careful and see if your dress design, colour and pattern match the boots. You could wear ankle length boots with skinny jeans too.

Flip flops or slip ons

slip ons work well under shorts

These are fun footwear and can be worn on many kinds of outfits. Although they are generally worn on jeans but could also be worn under shorts and a casual t-shirt too. Go for bright coloured ones as they are quite ‘in’.


sneakers are perfect match for jeans, Capri or shorts

Every girl must have a pair of sneakers in her shoe rack. They are comfortable and best for girls who are always on the go. Wear them under jeans, Capri or shorts and you would look just perfect.

Remember to always dress according to the occasion and that includes your shoes too! So, be confident and wear the right shoe and you are raring to go!