What to wear for a job interview ?

The first impression is last impression. When you are preparing yourself to go for a job interview, make sure you dress your best to leave a good impression on the interviewer. The way you dress up and behave speaks volumes about your nature and personality.

Men Interview Clothes

What you should wear for a job interviewAvoid dressing up casually for this big day. If you dress up casually or semi formally, the interviewer will perceive you to be a carefree and a non serious person. The interviewer will never take you seriously. So keep your jeans, t-shirts and sneakers reserved for an easy evening get-out with friends and be ready to put on your formal attire for the interview. This rule applies to both men and women.

Wearing a formal shirt with trousers and a pair of formal shoes is advisable for men. Many kinds of designs and patterns have come up for men in formal clothing. They must be chosen with care. The fitting of the trousers must neither be too loose nor must it be too tight. The colour combination must be in sync with each other. Avoid wearing loud prints or bright neon colours. Stick to either pastel shades or dark shades.

Men Shoes & Hair Style

When it comes to shoes, they must be kept strictly formal. Colours like brown, black, tan or grey will be perfect for formal leather shoes. The necktie is also a very important part of a man’s formal dress up. The colour of the tie must be in sync with the shirt and trousers. No informal prints must be there on the necktie.

Even small things as socks and handkerchief must also be paid attention to. Both their colours should not be bright. Men can opt for formal suits too depending on the position applied for. Hair must be gelled neatly to avoid looking shabby.

Women Interview Clothes

Interview clothes should be carefully selectedWomen must also wear formal clothes such as skirts and blouse or trousers and shirt. To give it a style they can team it up with a matching scarf tied neatly around the neck. This again depends on the position applied for. Skirts must be of optimum length and not too short or with long slits. The blouse neck must not be too deep and again sensibilities must be applied on choosing the depth of the neckline.

One thing that women have to take care of is the makeup. It should be subtle and not too loud. The jewelery must also be light and not too heavy. There are many kinds of formal footwear available in the market. You must choose them wisely.

Women Shoes & Hair Style

Heels of the shoes must also be kept to an optimum level which is not above five inches. Hair must be done neatly and no flashy hairstyles or hair accessories must be sported.

So the next time you go for an interview, keep in mind the little tips to leave a good impression on your prospective boss.