Indian sarees – designs , patterns and prints

Pashmina silk sarees

Saree is the Indian ethnic outfit for women. A saree is the trademark identity of a purely traditional Indian woman. It makes every Indian woman look very beautiful and sensual. Sarees come in varying design and prints. Every region in India has its own kinds of saree prints and designs.The saree printing is done with utmost accuracy and finishing and highly skilled staff works into the making of a saree.

The exquisite colour scheming and designing of the saree marks its distinguished styling.Printed sarees can be worn on any and almost every occasion. There are a few kinds of fabrics that carry off prints in sarees extremely well. They are cotton, handloom, silk, crepe, chiffon and georgette.

Many kinds of interesting patterns can be seen on sarees these days. Printing on sarees is mainly done through two methods which are direct printing and screen printing. Another popular method of printing is the Kalamkari printing in which the cloth gets the print through the usage of pen with mordants and dyes.Apart from the printing work many other kinds of detailing are done too. This includes embroidery work, zari and sequins work, mirror and patti work etc. These kinds of other detailing give a great finishing to the saree making it look stunning.Printed sarees are mostly worn by women coupled with beautiful traditional ornaments depending upon the design and print of the saree. Each region and state has its own special trademark saree prints. Let’s see what each region has got to offer in terms of saree prints.

Designer Sarees by Manish Malhotra and Sabyasanchi are popular

Designs found in North and west India

The northern and western part of India has got amazing range of saree prints that every saree lover would like to have in her wardrobe. Banarasi brocade sarees must be counted first among all, that hail from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. These sarees have rich work done on their borders that women like to wear on special occasions.Kota Doria sarees from Rajasthan also is very well known among Indian women. The speciality of these sarees is their light weight. They are best suited of summer wear. Other famous prints of north India are Amru brocades, tanchois, Shikargarh brocades and tissue sarees. Jamavar sarees, Kinkhwab sarees, Chikankari sarees and zardosi sarees are among the famous ones.Tie and dye sarees are mostly worn in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Maharashtra has its typical marathi sarees that again have a broad rich border and are draped in a distinct style.

Designs found in South and East India

When we talk of south India the first kind of saree that comes to mind is the Kanjivaram saree. Apart from them Konard sarees, Pashmina silk sarees, Pochampalli, Puttapakshi, Nayanpet and Bavanjipet sarees too are very famous.East India is known for Baluchari sarees, tanta cotton and Kantha sarees, most famous in West Bengal. The women here drape these sarees in an interesting way distinct from rest of the India.