5 popular elements of street fashion

Amongst the many trends that come and ebb from the fashion circuit, one fashion trend that stays on is the street fashion. From several years many trends have been developed, flourished, evolved, reinvented and discovered in this realm of fashion trends. There have been major shifts and the diversity has also widened over the years. The sources of inspiration in this fashion style have been ample. We indeed can count the street fashion to fall in the mainstream fashion trends’ category because it’s chic, up-market and cool. So let’s have a look at some main elements of street fashion that govern its evolution.

There are different street fashion trends for both summer-spring fashion and autumn-winter fashion. Let’s check out a combination of both.

Abstract prints

Abstract prints fashion

This is one major element of street fashion. The prints have to be abstract. The confetti print looks great for both evening and day time wear. The colors too are bold and distinguished in the abstract print wear. There is always an element of surprise in street. Every year at Milan and Paris fashion shows, the abstract prints of street fashion make an impact. Any prints from the wilder animal prints to softer floral prints could be used. Honey-suckle prints and oversized animal T-shirts complete the street look.

Attention to detailing

Zipper Street fashion

Now this is one characteristic that is very symbolic of the street fashion. Attention is given to every little detailing. For example zippers are exposed and there is a lot of use of sequins and embroidery. For the edgy and smart look zippers are visibly more used and to create and emphasize on the softer and feminine look, embroideries and sequins are given more importance.

Key looks

Ruffles and Pleats in street fashion

From soft to heater tones all are used in street fashion. Violet-cast purples and blue hues bring out the intensity of this kind of fashion. Volumes of ruffles and pleats are used to bring together the right look. The idea is to make the waist look smaller and both hips and shoulders to look larger. This is a very early 1990’s and 1980’s kind of look.

The autumn-winter fall look

Autumn Winter fall in street fashion

The autumn-winter fall look is more of the biker, edgy look when it comes to street fashion. The 1920’s swing and the 1980’s pop and rock fashion govern this phase of street fashion. The prom night, pop legend and stadium rock fun look is given the prime importance. Vintage clothing bringing in the Victorian influence is also borrowed by street fashion in fall. One could also go for the dark and gothic look as this is a hot favorite in the fall for the street fashion trends.

Looking sexy is the mantra

Sexy and edgy look in street fashion

The main motive behind the street fashion is to look sexy and edgy. If this be your guiding force, you’ll end up rocking out the street fashion look!