Top fashion for youth in Indian summers 2011

Come summers and many fashion trends start evolving on the glamour circuit. New and fresh trends have flooded the market and the youth have started experimenting with them. Summer 2011 has brought with itself the touch of late 70s and 80s to it.



Summer 2011 brings with itself the retro fashion trends. The wedges and platform heels are the flavor of the season for footwear fashion. Given below is a concise guide for all the girls for Indian summer fashion trends in 2011.


Flared pants look


Markets and fashion circuit is flooded with high waist flared pants. Cool flowery comfort fit tops tucked in to flared pants with a sleek belt and a chunky bracelet or silver/bronze chains as the neckpiece is the hottest look this season. A sleek hairband in the hair with either flat ballerinas or flat gladiator chappals are ‘in’ this season.


See throughs!

Semi transparent blouses are in fashion

Semi-transparent skirts and blouses are very hep this season. Flowy, layered knee length skirts, see through tops with wedges and high heeled gladiators are perfect to beat the heat of summers. A small tip here would be both the top and the skirt must not be of the semi-transparent silhouette. If you are on the bulkier side then keep this trend away!


No tight fittings!

tight fitting clothes are obsolete

Keep the tight fitted outfits away this season. Bring in comfort fits and let your skin breathe.


Bring in the sleek accessories

chunky bracelets fashion

For ear, neck and feet swear by the sleek accessories. For your hands you can go for the chunky bracelets but not the wooden ones. Metal based accessories are doing the rounds. Remember whatever accessory you sport must have the retro feel.



The Indian fashion trends for men have undergone a big change this summer. The sleek, slim fit jeans are gone! Flares are in for both men and women.


Give me flare!

Put away your slim fit narrow cut jeans and go for comfort look. For pants bring in the flare. Slim tight fitted pants must not make way into your wardrobe. Get rid of them.


Linen is the way to go

Linen pants and shirts are in fashion

Linen pants and shirts are a sure shot way to be trendy this summer for men. If you are not sure what to wear and how to keep it stylish all the time then rely on linen completely, they will never disappoint you! Whites, sky blues, light yellows, beiges and earthy browns are the colors of the season for Lenin.


Chappals are ‘in’ again!

Lenin pants with chappals for 2011

Talking about foot wear fashion , with a comfort fitted flared Lenin pants and a cool colored shirt  , goes perfectly , the slip on chappals for men. They make a great fashion statement this season.


Cut short on accessories


A simple sleek watch and belt would be enough this season.

For hair, both men and women must keep it short. Women can sport shoulder length hair but not more! So, swear by these trends this summer and you can never go wrong !