Popular clothes in Hippie Fashion

Hippie fashion is quite synonymous with being wild, loud and colorful. The hippy clothing has been influenced by the kind of attires hippies used to wear. This culture and style of clothing first came in to fashion in the US in 1960s.

This style of dressing was considered ‘cool’ and ‘happening’ in those times and became quite a rage then. Stark contrasting colors were mostly used in any kind of hippie clothing.

What makes you a Hippie ?

Hippie Girls Fashion Clothes

The most common and popular attires worn in hippie fashion are

1. Bellbottom jeans and baggy pants which are tight fitted on the hips

2. Bold colored wide belts.

3. Tie and dye patterned shirts and tops.

4. Men sport long hair or curly short hair and same goes with women too.

5. Starkly contrasting upper and bottom wear.

6. Brightly colorful t-shirts.

7. Shirts with mostly flowery patterns.

8. Aviator sunglasses

9. Beaded accessories

10. Knee length boots to be worn by women along with mini-skirts.

Hippie Mens Fashion Clothes

Reflection of freedom

Hippie fashion had a lot to do with sporting a rebel’s image. Men usually sported unkempt bearded look and didn’t pay much attention to how their hair looked, although they wore a peace symbol neckpiece. The free look became quite a rage all over the world. This kind of fashion needs the right amount of attitude to be carried off well. Hippie fashion has kept going and coming back on the fashion circuit. Tattoos and other kinds of body art too are very popular in hippie fashion. It’s a way of expressing one’s individualism says hippie school of thought. Racial equality and peace is the main belief of hippie fashion which is the reason why men also flaunted the flower power by wearing flowery shirts.

A Hippie Fashion Cloth Store

The role of music bands

Hippie fashion was given popularity by many musical bands. This kind of fashion is considered to be synonymous with creativity, individualism and unity. Musicians and singers like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many others have confidently sported hippie fashion and inspired the youth to sport it too.

For women too sporting hippie attires is more about feeling beautiful and slim. This feeling was most exuded by the hippie skirt. This skirt was made of thin cloth and had a free flowing thin silhouette. They are stylish and beautiful and it’s popularly used by women in doing stage shows and dance performances.

Timeless fashion

Hippie fashion attires bring in ‘out of the box’ fashion style and speak volumes about what the hippies’ belief was. Their free spirited attitude, individualistic thinking and strong belief in unity is clearly depicted in their clothing. People with similar belief have been sporting this fashion since the 1960s and will continue to do so. It’s an altogether parallel fashion stream that is never going to die or lose its importance and encourage the youngsters to sport them with confidence and style.