60s Teenage girl fashion: 9 famous clothing & footwear styles!

The 60s teenage girl fashion moved wildly from one end of the spectrum to another.

In late sixties,  girls were often found to wear the same clothes as their male counterparts. That does not mean that there was no femininity in the way girls dressed up during those years.

But while clothing for girls became relatively masculine, men’s clothing appeared to be more feminine. There were dominations of European styles during those years and Jackie Kennedy – the First Lady of US, led the fashion in sixties with her clean dresses and box hats.

1 Classic Preppy Style

Classic preppy style was a popular style among the teens of 60's

Classic Preppy Style emerged in the sixties. This was a fashion trend that was popularized by fashion designers such as Lilly Pulitzer and Perry Ellis.

The style was also influenced by Oleg Cassini, another famous designer of sixties.

The style include ensembles such as cotton or silk blouses, shift dresses, tailored skirt suits, shift dresses, low heels and jewelry that had a touch of refinement.

2 Mondrian fashion style

Mondrian style on cover page of the Vogue in the year 1965

The Mondrian Collection had been designed in 1965 by the famous French Designer Yves Saint Laurent.

The collections got wide publicity as they were published in several magazines during the sixties. One such dress even appeared on the cover page of the Vogue in the year 1965.

The dresses had blocks of white and graphic black lines and appeared in primary color. Mondrian fashion style widely became a popular 60s teenage girl fashion.

Soon several mass manufacturers produced multiple copies of these designs at unbelievably lower prices making the fashion popular among masses.

3 Tight fitted, sleeveless tunics

Tight fitted sleeveless tunics 60's fashion style

The tunics were also very popular 60s teenage girl fashion outfit. In fact, the tight fitted sleeveless tunics were a rage among the teenage girls in the sixties.

These were the years when fashion designers produced clothes that were more appropriate for young adults and that led to an increase in sales and interests.

4 Short boxy jackets

60's teen fashion short boxy jackets

During the sixties, young and common people were the ones who dictated the fashion trends.

Along with the pillbox hats that were a big hit during those times, young women started wearing suits for the first time ever with over-sized buttons and short boxy jackets.

5 Mary Quant mini skirt

Mary Quant's mini skirt style was very popular in the decade of 60s

Mary Quaint a noted fashion designer produced skimming mini skirts and dresses with short waists by the year 1966.

These skirts or dresses were about 6 to 7 inches above the knee. Quaint took ideas from designs made by Courrèges in the year 1964 and made her dresses and skirts even shorter for her designer level.

Mary Quaint found that the girls in London were looking for something new and were more than willing to try her short miniskirts that looked daring yet fashionable.

This was a famous fashion trend in sixties that became a big hit as it was refreshingly different and the ladies had to be youthful to wear them well so that they could get their way with such an outfit that was supposedly controversial especially among the adults.

6 Geometric shift dresses

Geometric shift dresses became very popular among women of 60s

The sixties were unique in the sense that young generations stopped dressing up like adults.  Rather, there was a generation that was getting inspired by childlike apparels.

In the year 1965, shift dresses that were sleeveless became exceedingly popular among the women.

While evening gowns with full-skirts were preferred by the young women, shifts which were geometric and simple were also in vogue.

7 Brightly colored boots and Stiletto heel

Brightly colored boots and Stiletto heels were widely popular among teens of 60s

Sixties were a decade that saw wide popularity of Stiletto heel shoes.

Brightly colored leather boots also gained huge acceptance among the teen girls.

8 Monk dress

“monk dress” with the cowled neck for the teens of 60s

The sixties also witnessed various new experiments with fashion trends.

The “monk dress” with the cowled neck was an interesting alternative for the young girls that were inspired by the religion in the sixties.

The cowl could be pulled up so that it could be worn over a woman.

9 Baby-doll dresses with spaghetti-straps

60s teen Baby-doll dresses with spaghetti-straps

The young girls also showed preferences for evening wear that were skimpy baby-doll dresses made of chiffon and featured spaghetti straps in the sixties.

Velvet mini dresses featuring lace collars along with pale lipstick and false eyelashes were also in vogue in the sixties. These mini dresses were usually won with matching cuffs.

Last but not the least, young women showed their strong preferences towards big and over-sized sunglasses.  Other accessories like headbands, use of bold jewelry and scarves were in vogue to.