Software development as a career in India

If you have an interest in computer and technologies then working for some well known tech companies like IBM , Intel , Microsoft , Google can bring you name and fame. As a software development engineer you can climb the stairs of success faster.These reasons as a result have tilted the interests of young generation in favor of computer science studies. The demand of professional have increased due to growing market of internet , websites  and software applications .

Software Developer Job Description.what does he do !

What does a software developer do ?

The role of a developer in the software industry is very important.A Software Development Engineer has to develop to all things in software production like designing of application , development activity and language programming , assembling and tools development.It is a Software Development Engineer‘s responsibility to create new software’s based on the requirements of his firm’s client companies.On a complex side it is the software developer who has to work continuously on the demand and specification of the client and make sure the timely delivery of the product ie. software.The software engineer also has the  work up to add new functions , specifications in the old software and work on increasing its speed and keep the software updated.As a professional skill he also has to keep a watch on the needs of the market.Since software development is a team work a software developer has to ensure smooth coordination among the team of the designers and the content producers of company .A software programmer has has his role in this field but his work area remains confined to coding skills.

Software developer skills and abilities

Software developer skills and abilities

The demand of skilled people is increasing continuously in the software industry .Generally companies give preferences to the people who have an experience of four or five years.The person should have a practical knowledge of programing in C , C++, Java, Javascipt/ HTMS/CSS, Pytho .Other than this he has is also expected to have a knowledge of Linux OS , trouble shooting,Debugging and of data structure and algorithm.A good communication skill is also expected from a software developer.

Software developer qualifications

The students desiring to work in software designing or in the field of development can pursue a course in programming , computer science or software engineering.Usually you need to be graduate in science to enroll for these courses.You can do master degree in software engineering as well . Similarly , you can get entry in this profession after achieving degrees like BTech,BE,ME,MS or MTech.

Job opportunities in Software development

Looking at the trend of the job market the demand of software developers will be continue to rise in the coming years .Specially , it is expected that that the demand of professionals associated with programming sector will be more in India and abroad. According to the statistics of bureau of labor , by 2018 , the chance of job will be increased by 32% in the sector software engineering sector .There are more prospects for the programmers due to increased demand of applications for internet and websites .You find job as a technical support , administrator in network , data base administrator , network programmer , tester , system analyst , business analyst , system engineer , web designer . At the moment this profession is looking to have a very promising career due to outsourcing in the IT sector.

A software Developer’s Salary

Salary of a software developer

While emergence of new technologies and software’s have made the life of the people convenient , the  salary of the engineers , who develop these software’s and technologies is very lucrative.Bigger companies offer them many perks and facilities like insurance and reimbursement , loan in addition to good salary  and career growth . The professionals associated in this field generally get an starting salary of RS 25K to RS 40K depending upon the reputation of the educational institute and individual skills.After an experience of some years the salary gets into lakhs.This is the reason that this profession is known to have one of the highest paying jobs in the country .