Fashion trends that 2014 brought !

As 2014 arrived it brought with itself a few new fashion runaways to look forward to.Of course the golden saying still goes right, “fashion is anything that makes you comfortable and happy”. But in case you have that urgent need to make a style statement to that sudden party, here’s already reckoner of what you must have in your wardrobe.

To make your wardrobe rule throughout, read through this dekko of what’s hot, and what a no-no, what is sizzling and what is going to fizzle in your wardrobe.

1 Colour and print

Dazzling blue was the trend of the year

Radiance is the colour of 2014. We have gone neon and have adorned all the colours that we dared not use in the previous years. Regardless of age, sex and skin tone we have all gone forward and adapted to the colors of the neon’s, and the pretty girly pastels like the baby blue, pale lavender and subtle yellow.DAZZLING BLUE is also in. Animal prints, radical prints with delicate lace works are the things we get to see around now.

2 Wide-legged trousers

2014 seems to have decided to get more comfortable in terms of bottom wear. Skinny jeans are a goodbye, while palazzos rule. Chic and stylish, these high waisted bottoms makes you look leaner and taller. Fashion designers have gone all the way and created the amazing Kalidaar variants on these pants. The fabric also varies depending on the texture.

3 Tops

Crop tops are the hottest thing this season. Yes, we are talking about that top you saw in the Fugly song. Crop tops are the “it” thing this season. We have dared to bare our mid-ribs with these tops while maintaining the chic and sexy factor.Then there are the bolero tops with their asymmetrical hemlines, and variance in length. For the daring lots and the party lovers there lies the boxy tops, boy jackets and the bra tops.

4 Goodbye Anarkali

The so layery-and-flayeryanarkali’s has bid goodbye. Though embraces fervently by all Indian women who love to go ethnic now and then this has taken a back seat and we have gone back to embracing the well-fitted kurtis with their straight silhouettes. Well these are definitely easy to manage and makes you look you.

5 Saree style

For the women who prefer saris, heavy embroidered cumbersome ones have taken a break. Pre-stitched drapes especially in the pallu portion of the sari have been taken up instead. The fabrics have gone all textured and the material is all net.SabsyasachiMukhejee and Masaba Gupta’s work have also been seen as sporting a t-shirt or shirt beneath the sari giving the blouse a break.

6 Knee-length is back

The tiny mini is not so hot this year. Instead designers have gone all the way back to the knee lengths. Slim-n- sexy pencil skirts are back. So are back the ankle lengths. Anything that is longer than a mini and shorter than the full length is the “it” fashion in skirts this year.

7 Pleats

Whatever be the silhouette give it a touch of feminity by getting it a few little pleats. Let it be your LBD or your shirt to office, the skirt or that romantic backless, pleats are a must in all of these. This is the trend that will get you hot this year.

8 Wavy talk

Pixie cut in the short form is the hottest pick of all women this season. This might be a drastic makeover for many women but this is the hottest trend this season. Widely-swept-up dos are the “it” thing this year to embrace instead of the casual and the messy things. Sensuality,feminity and charm oozes out every woman that flaunts this look. In case you are not comfortable with this make sure you pick something that flatters your face. Just try not to be casual and messy this year.

9 Make-up

Lips, eyes or nails just go adventurous. Try out things you never did and see the magic work.The major brands of the season have also gone all bold and dazzling this year, with gloss playing a major factor. So it’s time you step up and embrace them.

10 Dazzlers

Accessories and jewelry never leave the Indian Fashion field. No matter what we wear we just can’t not accessorise ourselves. 2014 has also brought out its own patterns and trends based on inspirations by nature and abstract we have embraced our dresses. Though gold rules and it always rule but designers are on the trend of preferring the silvery metal.

So girls next time you face a sudden invitation to a party(be it a pool party or the official thing), you know what to do. Just make sure you have all the fashion statements stacked up in your wardrobe beforehand so as not to lose on being the statement in the party. Go on and rule!