7 Popular Scarf patterns to give you a stylish new look

Scarf is once again in vogue for those fashionable people who want to look different and get noticed every time. This small piece of fabric can do wonders if you use it creatively. At the end of the day, fashion is about who you are and what you want to convey.

In ancient times when stitching was not known people used to drape the fabric around their body parts. Even today sarees are draped by Indian women; turbans are worn all around the globe. They are good examples of unstitched clothes. Scarves are like that, it is a small piece of fabric that is worn around neck or can be tied around head to give a different look each time.

Global Fashion Style

scarf patterns in summer

It is being worn by people all around the word although, name and style of wearing it may change, the purpose is same. Primarily it is used for protection, either from heat or from cold, by covering your head or neck. Both men and women can wear scarf as it is making a major style statement. A scarf can redefine your look and create styles that are sophisticated, sporty or sizzling. Besides the designer clothes, the right kind of scarf or muffler can turn you into a diva.

There are many styles of wearing a scarf and each variation can transform you, each style can give you a completely new look. Some popular styles are

Bandana style

bandana variants scarf styles

This can be worn on the front part of head or neck this is especially adopted by celebrities and don’t forget your favorite celebrity may be hiding his baldness or a bad hair dye. Jokes apart, it is a good way to cover your head stylishly.

Neck adornment

Choket Scarf Style Pattern

Tying the scarf as a chocker or knotted in front is a style that is very traditional yet in fashion.

Triangular form

Triangular scarf fashion

This could be worn around neck forming a triangle placing the pointed angle in front of your body and knotted behind the neck.

Head cover

Head Cover Style

For those women who love their hair and travel a lot, this Grace Kelly look is perfect that can protect hair while traveling

Cool sarong

Sarong Scarf Style

Cool sarong: you may have seen women on beaches and poolside who tie a big scarf around their waist making them look more stunning.

Head crown

Head Crawn style with scarf

Head crown-an elegant rectangle form of scarf when placed over head gives you a different look.

Around the neck

Scarf Style Neck wrap

This look can be achieved by tying a long scarf in such a way that both ends fold on the same side.

Fashion essential

This summer provides chic options for scarves and it is becoming a fashion essential to a wardrobe. For that trendy look you have many options. As retro style and fabrics are back, with a wide range of prints, texture and colors you can pick according to your choice. You can pick leopard print which is very popular among stylish and modern women or give your look a luxurious finish with the slightly transparent cashmere scarf. Fray edged scarves are also very much in vogue and adds to your personality.So, we can say that scarf draws much more attention to the wearer’s personality if worn with the right attitude and both men and women can give themselves that perfect look they always wanted to have.