5 must have fashion magazines at your book shelf !

Keeping up with fashion trends is something that most people round the globe love to do be it men or women. Almost all women love to keep it stylish and love shopping. Buying latest clothes and accessories is something that every woman would love to do. For this it is important to get your hands on some great fashion magazines to keep one updated on the latest trends going hot on the fashion circuit. There are some fashion magazines that most women swear by and follow with complete faith. These magazines are famous globally and give styling tips and guides to tell how to keep it stylish always.

The top 5 fashion magazines that you must always have on your bookshelf are given below.


Fashion Magazine Vogue

This is one magazine that is like the ‘holy book’ of fashion. Every woman treasures her ‘Vogue’ dearly. This is one magazine that tops all fashion editions and clearly paves its way through the book shelf of every fashion lover and enthusiast. This magazine is published in 18 countries and gives innovative fashion ideas to its readers. If you love the cutting edge fashion trends subscribe to ‘Vogue’.


Fashion Magazine Elle

This French fashion magazine is one of the most popular one on the face of this planet. France being the fashion capital brings to the world all the latest and most hot new trends. It is France where first all fashion trends take birth and spread gradually to other parts of the world. So if you are a fashion enthusiast, Elle is the magazine that must be present on your bookshelf for sure.

Marie Claire

Fashion Magazine Marie Claire

This is a name that needs no introduction. Everyone is well aware of Marie Claire’s huge fashion presence. Covering a large number of topics apart from fashion it is every woman’s favorites fashion friend. It gives insight into useful knowledge about technology, beauty, social issues and health too. This magazine is a publication with a purpose to educate women not only about the latest fashion trends but a lot more than that.


Fashion Magazine Cosmopolitan

Well, who doesn’t know about ‘Cosmopolitan’? This is one magazine that is great fun to go through. Beauty, accessories, clothing, footwear, health, dating and sex you name and Cosmopolitan has it! It is much more than just a fashion magazine. So if you haven’t yet subscribed to it, hurry up and do it today!

Harper’s Bazaar

Fashion Magazine Harper's Bazaar

If you haven’t yet gone through this one, let us inform you that Harper’s Bazaar’s history of publications dates back to 1867! This is one of the oldest and most sophisticated fashion magazines around. If you love the chic and elegant fashion segment you’ve got to have this one on your bookshelf. This magazine has got on board the best photographers, stylists and fashion gurus working hard on every publication. So get your copy of Harper’s Bazaar today.