5 Tips – To look fresh and young

As the aging process starts, the freshness, youthfulness and beauty of the skin starts diminishing. In the young days we need not be extremely conscious of the skin and without much care the skin looks young.

As we start to age and cross youth the skin looks dull and starts aging. To avoid this it is better to start caring for the skin in young age so that aging process slows down and our skin keeps looking youthful and radiant.

There are few simple tips that anyone can adopt in order to look young and fresh forever.

1Drink plenty of water

Drink Water In Plenty

The first step that is very simple to follow and requires not special efforts is to drink plenty of water. We must drink enough water to keep our body and skin hydrated all the time.

In summers more than usual quantity of water needs to be consumed as there are many chances in this season for the body and skin to get dehydrated.

Also , lots of liquids and fresh juices , must be included in the diet to make the look fresh and radiant. Fresh juices prove to be very beneficial for the skin. It nourishes the skin from within making it glow beautifully.

2Face Wash

Take plenty of water for a glowing young skin

To keep the skin looking fresh, wash your face several times in a day. Whenever you step out of the house or come back from somewhere, the skin needs special attention.

Wash your face with a face wash that suits your skin type to deep cleanse the skin and prevent any acne, pimple or oil to develop or settle down on the skin.Practice rinsing the skin daily with fresh, clean and cool water.

After rinsing always wipe your skin gently with a soft cloth or towel.

3Healthy Diet

healthy diet for glowing skin

The skin needs equally healthy food as your whole body. The nourished food that you consume will not only be healthy for your body but for your skin too.

So eat healthy in order too look young and fresh forever. A dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is also good for your skin because it contains high levels of flavonols which acts as antioxidant.

Other diets like Yogurt , fruit like Pomegranates , Walnuts , Kidney Beans, Oatmeal and green tea also benefits the skin.

4Protect your skin


Another way to keep the skin looking young and fresh is to protect the skin from any environmental damages. In this category, the first thing that strikes the mind is ultraviolet rays of the sun. Not only on a sunny day can our skin get affected, but also on cloudy days.

People believe that on a heavily sunny day, the sun emits lot of ultraviolet rays whereas on the cloudy days there isn’t any. This is far from the truth.

On cloudy days too sun emits harmful UV rays damaging the skin from within. It is always advisable to cover up the skin whenever you move out. Also a good sunscreen lotion must be applied in order to save the skin from getting damaged.

5Don’t take a stress !

Anxiety and Stress Effects The Glow of Skin

The last but the most important tip is to avoid stress and be happy all the time.There is a relation between stress and the skin health and this has given a new field of study for the scientists called psychodermatology .

It has been observed that chronic stress can cause itchy skin, rashes, acne , dryness and more.Try avoiding stress and mental tensions this will affect your skin adversely.

Be happy and stay fit to look young and fresh.