What to wear to work this summer !

Women often find themselves staring at the wardrobe all morning, in search of that perfect dress, that will make their day at the office. What exactly are we looking for? Well whatever it is that you are trying to find out, with those sleep-craved eyes, getting ready for work is not easy.

The first choice–a casual cartoon tee. Well you know the consequences right? Next in line are the denim cut-offs. They are too casual. The latest trend—a cropped top—strict no-no. Linen Pajamas are for the night-outs at a friend’s place. And those strappy things are for a party. So where do we end? Well, there’s no point dressing up in a blouse And skirt with high heels for the are only suitable for the large screen.

Believe it or not, we Indian women need to make a lot of adjustments with regard to the thing that we are going out for. Work has a different wear and so has parties. You cannot wear your official party clothing to the club. A pool party wear is so different to the same friend’s brunch next week. And in all of that there lies the basic basic need to look gorgeous. Almost 24X7. And then there’s the issue of time. We women are stated to be always late for everything. Affably, that’s not how getting dressed for work happens. The limited period of time has to put to full use making the most of whatever is available.


1 The White Kurta

White Kurta for Indian women

They come in lots of varieties. You have to decide which one is right for you. Usually the right one is not too tight/loose or transparent. It can be difficult to get the right cut and fit in that white kurta for else it does not suit all our moods. The best places to look for a white kurts would be the store of Westside, FabIndia, Anokhi or the nearest Lucknowi Store. And here’s the secret, when you really find the right one make sure you get one complimentary to it.



Little Black Dress or LBD for Indian women at work

How far did you raise your eyebrows? Relax! Not all LBD s are the little black dresses. We are concerned with little black Drapes. Whatever be the after-hour-glam events turn to it. It never fails you. Make sure you have a collection; chiffon or georgette whichever you like. Cocktail or book launch, everybody loves a white sari on a woman. Make sure you temper the blouse style according to the event; traditional or trendy.


3 Printed Salwar

Printed Salwar is also an option for work place.

Down drops the color here, to brighten the mood. The white-black monotony is broken by this damn cool salwar. With a controlled silhouette, neither too streamlined nor too billowy, this can be the best option for work. What more wear it either as it comes or mix-and match. It works both ways. Make sure your wardrobe has all the “it” colors of the season. And yeah do not forget to put on all those trinkets piled up. They are the best compliments to the colors.


4 A handloom Dupatta

Handloom Dupatta for Indian women at work

Get a dupatta. Match it with that old salwar you don’t like. Get a flavor of the mix and match the handloom style. Kalamkari, Bandhni, Batik, Itak, vegetable-dyed a few of thelong list of all the organic dupattas that you can stuff up in your wardrobe.


5 Pants

Pants for Indian women

Cotton trousers, floral high-waist pant, flowy palazzos,leggings there are a lot. you just need to pick them up and style them right.