The ‘Flop Daughters’ of ‘Hit Moms’ in Bollywood

Even being a star kid in Bollywod does not gurantee you a successful career in the cine world.There are numerous stories of super successful mother and not so successful daughters in the films.Check out some of these duo –

Tanuja and Tanisha

Tanuja was a super hit actress while Tanisha was a flop

Tanuja born to a Marathi family was a very successful actress of her time.Her mother Sobhana Sammarth and sister were also well known names in film industry.Tanuja established her self firmly in Bollywood film industry with block busters like Hathi Mere Sathi , Anubhav and Bahare Phir Bhi Aati hain.

While among her 2 daughters Kajol and Tanisha , the elder one was able to retain the title of ‘No 1 Actress in Bollywood’ , Tanisha on the other hand was unlucky on her part.The beautiful actress has a flop film debut with ‘Sssshhh…’ in 2003.She was noticed due to her ‘skin shows’ in ‘Neal N Nikki’ but that was not enough to pull her in to league of hit actresses.The film itself was one of the biggest flop films of Bollywood..

Hema Malini and Isha Deol

Hema got extra ordinary success in film industry while Esha could not

Popularly known as ‘Dream Girl’ , Hema Malini,  was an extremely successful heroine in bollywood.Every ‘aspiring’ actress in bollywood wishes to get a fame and fortune she had enjoyed.The unmatched beauty had dominated the film screen for almost 2 decades and at one point of time was paid as much as the top actors of  Bollywood.

Hema Malini’s has 2 daughter Esha and Ahana.Ahana is a film director and accomplished Odissi Dancer like her Mom.The elder daughter of Hema , Esha Deol  , tried her luck in the films but could not become as successful as her mom.She got some recognition after ‘Dhoom’ in 2004 as well as when she received film fare award for ‘Best Female Debut ‘ for her film Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche in 2003.

Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali

Sharmila Tagore was a super hit actress while Soha is not

Sharmila Tagore films generally performed very good at the box office.She was a part of block busters classics like Aradhana,  Amar Prem,Daag .Her critically acclaimed master pieces like ‘Mausam’ got her National Film Award for Best Actress.She has three children Saif , Saba and Soha.

Soha Ali , her youngest daughter unlike Saif – an established actor in Bollywood and Saba as popular name in Jewellery designing , could not make it to the top.Soha began her acting career in 2004 and is yet to achieve the mark set by her mother.She was a part of blockbuster ‘Rang De Basanti’ but some how things could not turn into her favour.


Mala Sinha and Pratibha Sinha

Mala Sinha had series of hits while Pratibha delivered flop after flops

Between 1950 to 1970 , Mala Sinha – another beautiful and talented actress , was a popular leading actress in Hindi films.Especially between 1960 to 1960 many films were just became a hit because Mala Sinha was in it.

Pratibha , the only kid of Mala Sinha was not as successful as her mother.The actress made an unsuccessful debut in 1992 with film ‘Mehboob Mere Mehboob’.With some moderate hits and biggest flops , She decided to get married and quit her acting in the year 2000.


Munmun Sen and Riya Sen

Moon Moon Sen is a recognized name while Riya Sen could not get as much success

Moonmoon Sen to some is still a , husky-toned voice and dark kohl-lined eyes actress which made her a box-office hit.The daughter of ‘iconic’ Suchitra Sen career of glamorous or light roles spans over 60 films and 40 tele-serials.She has 2 daughters Riya and Raima.

While Raima got some moderate success , Riya who started her career with ‘Style’ in 2001 was not so fortunate.Although Riya was a popular model  she could not push her acting career to that of the height of her mother.