6 Top Hair Salon chains in India

We are standing on a time when we are supposed to trust on our stylists more than a doctor. Your fashion statement speaks about you more than you do and that is why staying out of the fashion may lead someone to out of the league of any business and even the corporate jobs. Here are 6 popular hair salon chains destinations for you where you can visit to brush up your looks and gain confident in life.

Juice Salon, Mumbai


The name of the chain of Juice Salon has become synonymous to the fresh and chilled hair and skin treatment in Mumbai. As the name refers to, Juice Salon always prefer to welcome their customers with a glassful of chilled juice as a token of appreciation. The complete decorations of the salons in this chain are designed beautifully with glasses that help the customers to keep their eyes on how their hair is being shaped. It is considered as one of the best spa center of Mumbai. Customers intending to get a haircut, spa or any other hair and skin treatment can chose a professional one from their catalogue. Customers are offered the best services of Juice Salon from the trained professionals specialized for different parts starting from haircuts to the nail sharpening and polishing.

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty, New Delhi


Jawed Habib is probably the most famous hair stylist and beauty consultant in India. The popularity of his salon chain in Delhi has been increased multiple times within just few years for offering a full range of hair, scalp and beauty services to all sorts of customers. The hallmark quality of Jawed Habib promises the best services to the customers as he always believed in understanding their desires to get them the most suitable styles rather than just cutting the hairs. Jawed Habib is the most popular trendsetter stylist in India; thus, his 179 salons in around 90 cities of 21 states are proudly reflecting his idea of fashion and confirming the best of the makeover and makeup to the customers. The creative stylists of Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty confirm the proper justification to the sense of aesthetics of the Delhiites.

Bridgette Jones, Kolkata


The Salon chains of Bridgette Jones or technically known as Bridgette Jones Fashion Salon Private Limited is proudly moving forward to generate more styles and fashion quotient among the Bengali people. They have invented and developed many new forms of styles and fashion behaviors with all the traditional values of the Bengali keeping in mind. This salon is visited by many worldly famous fashion stylists which obviously includes the great Bridgette Jones himself. They believe in offering simple makeup and makeover in proper and classy ways which help in bringing out the inner glow to make feel the customers more confident from inside. They always keep experimenting to infuse the style and fashion into the culture and tradition of local Bengalese people.

VURVE Signature Salon, Chennai


The chain of Vurve Signature Salon in Chennai has become one of the necessary parts of daily lives for the smart and style conscious people of Chennai. Vurve Signature is successfully providing the best of the contemporary styles in the city and taking the definition of glamour to the next level. They have delightful answers to everything whether it is temporary makeup or may be a more permanent makeover. Vurve Signature is considered unmatched in bridal makeup which is offered in a price of Rs. 12,000 and for jaw dropping party makeup they charge only 4,500. They encourage each and every customer for any sort of distinguished urban hairstyles. They have professionals who also specialize in offering Airbrush Makeup, photo shoot makeup, hair extension, blow dry and many things which make the customers feel confident about their selves. Vurve Signature welcomes everyone for free trial makeup also.

Club Citrus, Bangalore


Club Citrus sets a new definition for styling and glamour. Adding new ideas and implementing those on various hair patterns and skin behavior are the prime objective observed successfully by Club Citrus. In Bangalore, the salon chain of Club Citrus is considered as the best way to re-energize the beauty and health through proper professional body and skin care. Club Citrus promises a diversity of exclusive hair cares and skin treatments to the customers where they can regain their beauty, glamour and fitness within which helps them to progress in their corporate and business lives. The professionals work for Club Citrus are highly competent and internationally trained to offer the customers the best therapies and treatments. For women, the whole package consists of waxing, pedicure, manicure, facial, threading, deep conditioning cost Rs. 2280 and for men the whole package consists of haircut, shaving, deep conditioning, pedicure, manicure, facial cost Rs. 2280. Message treatments are. A full body message treatment confirms the best body relaxation to the customers in the city. It is never too late to visit the best hair and skin doctors at Club Citrus.

Tress Lounge, Chandigarh


Tress Lounge is a proud chain of salon to offer one of the best family services to the customers around the country. Starting the journey from 2003 by Mr. Munish Bajaj at Chandigarh, Tress Lounge has become the best beauty and glamour center in throughout the north region within a very short span of time and offers the best services to the customers. Tress Lounge focuses on providing the nonpareil value of style experiences to all the members in a family. The expert professionals of Tress Lounge are the best persons to bring the beauty and glamour out from the within. Tress Lounge takes special cares in detoxifying and stimulating the bodies which lead to the complete relaxation. They are highly trained to understand the customer desires best and help them in reaching at the peak of the richness of life. Tress Lounge offers the customers the best skin, beauty, hair, nail and makeup services in affordable prices which make them feel more confident from inside.

It is always better to be late than never, so if you did not make your move to these salon destinations yet you are suggested to rush as soon as possible. They are waiting for your arrival to make you the ‘smarter you’ and ‘more stylish you’. The perception of personality is based upon your thinking of being stylish and no better way to start the change with the hairstyle and face. While, these salons may charge on the higher side, one thing they guarantee, is the complete change in your personality. One visit to the salon will make you completely satisfied to the heart’s content. Not just for hairstyle, but for any treatment of your hair and face, the list is an ideal choice for you.