Khadi and desi is the new buzzword in Indian fashion circuit !

Fashion industry is like a big canvas and each day brings a new thing to paint, with different colors. Rapidly changing fashion industry especially Indian fashion industry is experiencing a new wave called make in India. So the definition of luxury wear has been revised and there is a shift of buyers towards the woven fabrics.

Indian weaves are being redefined as the new luxury wear. Gone are the days when khadi was found in the wardrobe of politicians only. Now a day khadi is much more than sarees and kurtas.So be ready to see a maxi dress made from gamcha or a kangeevaram jump suit. These ethically sourcing raw materials are now getting their right place and fashion designers are now realizing their social responsibility towards them. Thus craftsmen are also getting back their place and respect besides earning well.

Fusion of Styles

Khadi and desi art is getting its due in Indian fashion

Designers are merging khadi with phulkari and kalamkari and chikankari are also getting place in their designer were. Linen is being used to construct Indian silhouettes. So be ready to see your favorite celebrities in linen sarees as it is getting popular day by day. Few years ago embroidery or embellishments, swaroski or fake crystals were very much in vogue but with a comeback of lesser known weaves of India consumers are ready to buy something that is breathable and also of good quality apart from being pocket friendly. They are a hot favorite among designers due to above reasons and are being used as base material to make modern dresses.

Lakme fashion week has a day dedicated to the Indian textiles, the grand finale of Amazon Indian Fashion week 2015 dedicated their autumn/winter 2015 for crafts of India.25 top Indian designers came forward to present their individual interpretations of the theme crafts of India and that can be seen as a step to strengthen the dying crafts of India although steps are being taken to save Indian weaves and crafts steps like this add a fresh breeze to this.

Huts to High Street

The Ikat and benarsi raw and mushru silk fusion result as colourful melange of silhouettes.

Now a days models on ramp are walking confidently wearing a looped tunice, jumpsuit tunice, jaffa pants, shirt jacket dress along with a traditional red and white stole around their neck. Ikat from Andhra Pradesh, bandhni from Gujrat, woven khadi from West Bengal and block printing from Rajasthan all are getting a make over and a big market is waiting eagerly for them. These fabrics are good in quality, best in price and are made in India so choosing them not only satisfies the designers but buyers also are happy and they are witnessing a change of attitude towards their home made products too.

So it can be said that anything that suits the sensibilities of the present generation will be embraced by them only approach has to be different and appealing. Today youngsters are intelligent and smart but they are carrying a sense of responsibility towards their society too. They are not shy to tie a gamcha around their neck after all fashion is nothing but an attitude to look confident, smart and different so that you make a space in the crowd.