Movie Review :: Piku — A must Watch !

A difficult and tough work –life. This is the central theme of PIKU. A masterpiece by Shoojit Sarkar, this is  a movie starring some of the finest Bollywood actors, Amitabh Bacchan, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan.

The central story of the story surrounds a 90 year old father who is suffering from irregular bowel movements. Both inside and outside. Outside he shows irregularity wit his love and future concerns for darling daughter PIku. Piku, as pictured is busy with her father’s bowel issues to find time for herself. Most importantly no love life for her. She treats her 70 year old father as a child who is adamant and we also see that she does not have an option.

Now many of you will relate that 70 year old Bhaskor (Amitabh Bachchan) with any of your family members, a senior citizen who is so annoying. He is a person who loves to get medical tests done on him and then gets very much disappointed when reports are normal. “Kuch bhi nahi nikla?

Bhaskor loves his bowel problem as he thinks because of constipation Elvis Presley died and by this he always gets the focus of his daughter Piku. He doesn’t think at all before sending any messages to her office about the details of his morning errands and at the same time he will intrude by calling her up with his constipation problem on her date. That is why Piku is single and being tortured by his father’s immaturity. He also troubles the house maid by blaming her for stealing phenyl.  But he is adorable and we love this unorthodox father and daughter combination of fickle temper and odd habits.

Portraying a perfect Bengali Family, Bhaskor is orthodox about selling his home in his roots, Kolkata. This is when they plan a trip to Kolkata and Irrfan steps in. Things starts to mounts up through this road trip, where Rana (Irfan Khan) who is driving this father and daughter duo to Kolkata(all the drivers disappeared due to fear of Piku).

Hats off to the story, screenplay and dialogue writer Juhi Chaturvedi who has brought us this unusual comedy which is full of laughter and feeling. And what quick-witted storytelling from Shoojit Sircar maker of Vicky Donor and Madras Café. He made this remarkable characters to come alive and made us emotional, letting us forget that we are watching a movie. The film also sees some power packed performances by the three.

It is film which you are bound to watch repeatedly. Deepika Podukone’s marvellous performance as a girl who is in charge of home and her father’s health, in the most carefree manner is a delight. One can just relate to her and feel her struggles.

Amitabh Bachchan, now no one can say or compare him with anyone in this film industry. He again proved his acting skills through this movie. Playing a role of a 70 year old crabby but loveable person. And also it’s very adorable when he is introducing people and referring them where they are Bengali or not.

Irfan Khan, what a performance by him. Showing yet again his class of acting along with Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Podukone. There are also some side characters who have even acted well to support the film. And Moushmi Chatterjee she played a cameo but she is still having her sparking in acting.

Also worth mention is a cameo by Mousumi Chatterjee. No matter she has aged, but still no one can match up to her performance and beauty. Playing aunt to PIku, she is worried about Piku’s love life and marriage. She sure steals the show. Just watch out for her scenes with Big B.

The film is been shot at Banaras and Kolkata. Kamal Negi, cinematographer, Piku, has captured this two places quite nicely by editing and sound designs are all outstanding. Anupam Ray’s Music with total Bangaliaana is sure to stay with you.

In the end, you will be loving this crazy family flick with its characters much more crazy. It’s more than a must watch movie.