Fashion : Hollywood likes for Indian dressing

Dressing as an Indian for parties and gala events throughout the world has become more or less like a fashion. There are two attires which one can don for a perfect Indian dressing. One is sari and the other is salwar-kameez.

Sari being the most elegant outfit is worn by all Indian women across all states and regions. Though sari is worn in many different styles yet it remains as the most graceful outfit for all occasions.

It is simple to wear and one needs a matching blouse and petticoat to wear it. With the likes of Hollywood actors like Elizabeth Hurley taking to sari its become fashionable and sort of a culture to dress up in a sari. Not only Hollywood, celebrities like Cherie Blair and Jemima Khan have been spotted in this beautiful attire which has now gained much importance in the glitzy circles.

In a chat show in US with Oprah, the former Miss World Aishwarya Rai demonstrated how a sari is worn and since then it’s become a charm and fascination for dressing up as Indian has extensively grown.

While dressing up as Indian draws applause from people around there are controversies also attached to it with supermodel Heidi Klum stirring a controversy by dressing up as Hindu goddess Kali for a Halloween party , with some Hindus seeking an apology from her and others asserting that she did nothing objectionable.

Personalities like Ashley Judd, Cammeron Diaz, Madonna, Jessica Alba, Patricia Arquette, Helen Mirren and Anna Kournikova have styled themselves in a sari at many dos and the latest to join the growing brigade of its lovers is Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson who was draped in a white chiffon sari with a noodle strapped blouse with a plunging neck.

Indian designers are constantly gaining popularity in Hollywood . Manish Arora has made a mark with the Hollywood bigwigs and many other Indian designer’s creations are being donned by these celebrities and loved too.

Brandy and Naomi Harris were spotted wearing Falguni and Shane Peacock’s mini dress American singer Bradly wore the mini dress at a pre-party of 2010 BET awards and Naomi Harris , the English actress who starred in many movie wore the Indian designer duo’s glamorous black and gold embellished mini dress at the 2010 Glamour Women of the year awards in London.

Designer Kanika Saluja has made forays into the Indian market with Hollywood celebs going gaga over her stuff. Not only saris, but stylish kurtis are also much in demand.People in Western countries too have started wearing kurtis. When the Miss World peagant was held in India a decade back, all the participants were made to wear saris and the Miss World Miss Greece looked just to perfect in the dress thereby increasing the craze for this Indian costume.

Designers like Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar , J J Vallaya have been dressing up Hollywood greats in their creations and this fascination for Indian dressing is bound to grow with many leading designers taking centre stage and spreading their reach to almost all American and Western celebrities for their works.