7 Most Important Tourist Places in Jaipur

Jaipur or more famously referred to as the ‘Pink City of India’, is one of the most cherished tourist destinations of world. Whether it’s foreign tourists or the Indian ones, Jaipur is always crowded throughout the year. From its historic forts and palaces, dazzling heritage sites, to delicious Rajasthani foods or colorful knick-knacks to buy- Jaipur has plenty to offer to the visitors. In many bollywood movies you may have seen the glimpses of the city, but it can be said with surety that, nothing will prepare you for the grandeur and sparkle that is called Jaipur, upon your first visit of the city. It’s not possible to include all the points-of-attraction that Jaipur has, within one article. But if we list down 7 most important tourist spots in and around Jaipur, the list shall be looked as follows-

Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds)

There are 953 small windows aka jharokhas in Hawa Mahal of Jaipur.

It’s impossible to be the resident of India and not even once seeing the photo of Hawa Mahal in a calendar or a photo or in a movie. Built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, this palace was dedicated to the crown of Lord Srikrishna and even its architectural design had been somehow influenced by it. The main intention of building Palace of Winds was that of creating an opportunity for royal women, who otherwise were shunned by the purdah, to get a peek of outside from those jharokhas- that are adorned with refined and detailed latticework.

You may have a pre-conceived notion that Hawa Mahal is situated in a rural location but in reality, this breath-taking beautiful palace is located amidst the thick of the market.

Amber Fort

Amber Fort of Jaipur

Situated 11 KM north of Jaipur, Amber Fort or locally pronounced as ‘Amer Fort’, is something out of a fairy tale. Built during the rule of King Raja Man Singh, who was the leader of the tribe Kacchwahas, Amber Fort is named after goddess Amba who was the principal deity for that clan. Situated at the top of the hill, if you are visiting Amber Fort, don’t miss the chance to ride elephant that will take you from the entrance to the main fort.

Located near Maota Lake, it’s not only the beauty and grandeur of the fort including its temples, gardens and the customary light and sound show during evenings; but also the tranquility and serenity of the ambience that are worth-a-visit.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar of Jaipur

Not only a wonderful piece of Rajasthani architectural brilliance but also the proof of India’s profound knowledge in astronomy during ancient times, Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is the assortment of calculation instruments that can measure the time, track stars as well as the earth’s orbits around the sun to name a few. There are total 14 astronomical instruments in this observatory including the crowd puller Sun dial that can literally show you- how time flies!

Built during the reign of King Jai Singh II around the years of 1727-1734, it’s amazing to see that- how accurately all the instruments are functioning even after more than 250 years.

Nahargarh Fort

People belive that Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur is a haunted place.

Before bollywood smash-hit ‘Rang De Basanti’ made Nahargarh Fort a household name among travel enthusiasts, this Fort was once known as a spooky place where it was said that the sipirt of Nahar Singh Bhomia used to haunt corridors and the alleys.

Built in1734 by King Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Nahargarh Fort was constructed primarily for the defense purpose on the edge of rugged Aravalli Hills. During Sepoy Mutiny, many British officers, who during that time were stationed in Jaipur with their respective families, took shelter in Nahargarh Fort. Not only every inch of this fort is immersed in history but also it gives out an attractive view during sunset every day.

City Palace of Jaipur

City Palace of Jaipur

The mahal complex of Jaipur, City Palace is an amalgamation of various buildings including Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal. Though a large part of the complex is open for the visitors as it has been converted to museum as well as a string of shops; there is a residential part which is strictly reserved for the members of royal family.

Once you put your foot inside the vicinity of City Palace of Jaipur, you shall get to understand that why Jaipur is called as the Pink City. The blending of breath-taking craftsmanship as well as the pink stones ensures that you go on a photo-clicking spree whichever direction you lay your eyes upon.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal of Jaipur

A stunning combination of Rajputana style and Mughal architecture style, Jal Mahal is a wonder of Jaipur which is situated inside the Man Sagar Lake. Till now, the water palace or Jal Mahal is not accessible to the visitors but due to heavy make-over and massive transformation, you can now go inside the palace whenever you visit Jal Mahal. During nights, Jal Mahal looks quite spectacular because of the lightings.

There is a park attached at the end of the lake, so whether you are taking a stroll around the lake, sit patiently and take a look at Aravalli Hills through the lake or taste some delicious snacks from the vendors, your trip to Jal Mahal shall become a memorable one.


Elefantastic Jaipur

If you are quite tired of visiting through the alleys of Jaipur that are seeped into history and heritage, then a trip to Elefantastic is absolutely must. A nurturing village-cum-farm that is solely dedicated to the care of elephants, here you will get the chance-of-a-lifetime to feed the elephants, bathe them or play with them.

When the regular pieces of news about animal-mistreatment get published in news papers and make you sad and disappointed, Elefantistic will prove it to you that- even there can exist a haven in India that puts emphasis upon caring for the health and happiness of these lovable tuskers. Elefantastic also offers elephant safari and rides to the travelers. Besides you can take part in a painting class that will teach you how to design the bodies of the elephants with colors.