Marital Blues – Is your partner cheating on you ?

Mid Age Crisis It’s not easy to identify a cheating partner. Some people do not come to know for years that their partner is cheating on them unless their partner announces a break up or is caught red handed. It is indeed a very painful situation to catch a cheating partner. Hence it is always better to know the signs that can help you know if your partner is cheating on you.

If you notice some distance is being created between you and your partner knowingly, its time to sit up. If the amount of attention he/she gives you diminishes, you must put on your detective’s hat. If your partner is up to something fishy, he/she may not open up with you too well. This generally happens due to guilt. In such a case, find out what’s cooking.

When you see your partner buying new clothes or accessories than usual, it might also be a sign that something unusual is going on. If the new look they are trying out is not their regular habit or do not match their nature or taste, you must be aware. Going all the way out to try new looks or going for a makeover suddenly could be a sign of a cheating partner.

Cheating partner Another sign that is easily evident is getting irritated or losing temper too quickly. If your partner is becoming too defensive or gets angry rather quickly, you need to check out if there’s something wrong happening under your nose. When a person is cheating, the guilt hides inside of them and that comes out in various ways. For example, if you are unable to find something and enquire your partner saying, “Did you take it”? This will shake the inner hidden guilt and can make your partner become angry. If he/she is doing so they are trying to cover up the guilt with their temper.

Behaving in an unusual manner is another sign you might consider. If your partner is being too sweet to you, better watch out. Your partner’s such a behavior could be witnessed as he/she does not want you to know anything, so they want to act normal and in that process they end up being too sweet or nice to you, triggering the suspicion in you.

Being too busy with the phone, emails or internet too could be a straight forward sign. If your partner is using ways to be in contact with his new found interest and tries to hide it, be aware! He/she might be involved in messaging or emailing too often and on being asked they give you some nice pretext to fool you, not letting you see what they are doing.

So if your partner is giving any of the above indications, its time for you to see what’s happening.