Blouses – the trending shoppers hunt for this season

Somebody sometimes stated Diamonds are  a girl’s best friends. Well, so they absolutely are. What the enthusiast failed to specify was how they are complimentary to friendship. That no diamond ever came to a girl who knew nothing about fashion! Diamonds are the absolute end results to a stunning sense of fashion that never fails to turn all the heads around you.

With time clothes turned to be fashion statements. Anything and everything visible on us on; at any point of time tells our surroundings of what we are. With the increasing need to fit in the society, the need to be in the fashion circle has also increased.

2014 saw all the divas moving on into the blouse section to dress themselves. Blouses ruled in 2014. But here we are not talking about the blouses worn with the saree. In the designer world blouses mean a very different thing. The garments we hugely refer to shirts are termed as blouses. Today, we bring to you a quick check on all of those blouses that are stuffed in your wardrobe just because you failed to notice how elegantly in fashion they can actually be.

Blouses have always been in Fashion. It’s just the way they are shaped has been changed from time to time.

1 The anytime fave white blouse

White Blouse Shirt is evergreen in fashion 

perfectionist wears white. So can you. Grab a blue pant(which can be your favorite jean), and team it with a black blazer. Next neatly get your locks to a ponytail and find those medium-heeled black peep- toes. Accessories the way you want, trying to keep it as minimal as possible. There you are ready to rock anything(by that we mean a party, a steaming hot date or even rule the oh-so-imp-for-a-raise meeting in your office).

2 The Lace Blouse

Lace Shirts for women continue to be in fashion this year as well

Laces are what ruled 2013, and, they are all set to shock and shimmer themselves in 2014. Unmarred selection for any of your nights just be sure to pair them right. They go best with stilettos (preferably nude) with the shimmer skirt. And if you are in love with theElegant Women’s Beading Mandarin Collar Lace Blouses with Ruffles just pair them with a skirt and medium heels for office.

3 Collared-printed Blouse

Collared-printed blouse reflects stylish and sexy look 

chic, stylish, sexy and pretty are synonyms to the Collared-printed blouse. Latest in the alley of fashion is the printing of cans. Paired with black shorts and boots it turns all heads. Just do not forget to leave you locks to flow all around your pretty face all day long. Just be sure nobody reports you to the 911 for all the mess in the traffic that you create. And you’re good to go.

4 Fleece Blouse Shirts

Fleece Shirts are in hot demands !

Designer Blouses for Women finds its apt description in the Fleece Blouse Shirts. The long sleeves are perfectly paired with any dark colored pencil skirt. They also love to adorn you when you are in no mood for heels and madly mesmerized with all the flats out there. With absolutely no accessorizing necessary they also come in handy if you just have two minutes to rush to office. Oh! And if you are wearing them to the dinner that follows trust me no one will complain. And before I forget they are the best compliments to hairstyles that incorporate leaving them open.

5 Mandarin Collar Blouse

Mandarin Shirts are perfect for Office meetings ! 

These blouses do not have the collars. They are made of satin kind of a cloth and the buttons are front-hidden. Perfect for your meeting at the office pair them with black skirt or denims. Do not forget to step on those high pencil heels. Accessories are strictly not necessary. Just don’t forget to let those stresses open and play about. A wonderful day awaits!

6 Split neck Blouse

Split neck shirt blouses reflects carefree attitude 

This is actually made for the young and the carefree. Just pull it out of your wardrobe any day you are in a hurry, match them with denims and slippers or pumps. You are ready to go. It comes with a banded split neckline and cuffed short sleeves saving the time to accessorizing. This relaxed fit blouse also compliments the pool party at your friends place. Just make sure you pair it with the hot shorts.

In a nutshell :
  • Blouses make us awesome!
  • They are the best companions to almost anything
  • They follow our mood patterns
  • They fit firmly on almost any schedule
  • They are all there in your wardrobe
  • Its time they see the sunlight

Blouses have always been in Fashion. It’s just the way they are shaped has been changed from time to time. Designers have come up with blouses from time to time. They have remained in our fashion statements and in our minds and will do so forever. They fit almost every mood and every requirement. They fit with our budget. They make us look like the perfect us. They make up for any deficit in the wardrobe for any occasion.

So ladies! Now that we have all learnt of all the designer blouses for women, well let’s first raise ourselves a toast, and next rule the streets. Forever!