Wonderful winter tourist destinations in India !

India is a beautiful country. It has got a lot of natural beauty to be adored. There are many beautiful destinations to be visited in India during all seasons. All kinds of people love to come to India and visit its various tourists’ destinations with varying purposes.

Be it wildlife lovers, nature lovers, adventure lovers, newly wedded couples or people with religious and spiritual bent, all love coming to India.

Winter is a time which makes the country look even more beautiful. There are several tourist destinations to visit in India during winters. A few popular winter tourist destinations are mentioned below-


Auli  is a beautiful tourist destination  in winter in India.

This is a beautiful tourist destination located in Uttarakhand at a height of 9500- 10,500 feet. Ski lovers make it in to this place in large numbers.

The pine trees and the snow covered mountains are a treat for the eyes.

The temples located in Auli have a gracious architecture worth admiring. There are many spots in this place that attract tourists in large numbers.

Leh & Ladakh

Leh & Laddakhis also India's spritual capital.

Situated in the beautiful, cool and serene locality of India, this place is very cold in winters as it is situated at a height of 7500 meters.

The temperature here is always below zero degrees. The lovely landscapes, mighty mountains and free flowing river give a breath taking view for tourists.

Many youngsters come here every year to enjoy the fun filled experience of many adventurous activities and sports making this place equally adventurous.

Leh Ladakh is a perfect winter tourist destination for people of all ages.


Shimla is the nearest place to approach from India's capital New Delhi

Away from the planes, this city is located among-st beautiful hills. From December to January , Shimla’s beauty in snow is something else!

The city gives you the opportunity to shop Himachal Pradesh’s beautiful hand woven woolens and hand made handicrafts.

Temples, churches and mansions lets people peek in to the beautiful architectural structures present in this city.


Nainital is named after naini lake.

This is again a beautiful city situated near the Naini Lake based on which the city has been awarded its name.

The atmosphere of this city would make you revisit this place in winters. In total there are nine pear shaped lakes present here making it a place worth visiting in winters.


Darjeeling in Winters

This hill station is covered with tea plants from where pure tea leaves are supplied throughout the country. In winters, tourists can witness the beauty of Tea Garden’s here .

This city adds to the beauty of West Bengal in a major way.


A sceneic view of Gangtok.

Situated in Sikkim, tea plants are grown here too.

The natural scenic views witnessed here in winters are one of the best in the country.

Kashmir and Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a heaven on earth.

Considered to be the paradise of India; this place is a must to visit.

Gulmarg is located 52 kilometers away from Srinagar and is situated at a height of 8825 feet.Beautiful snow covered hills, winter trees and amazing landscapes are simply breath-taking.