Although there are many tourist destination in and around India, but Leh and Ladakh is considered to be one of the best tourist destinations. Leh and Ladakh are two different destinations all together and both these places are equally beautiful and mesmerizing. They are said to be heaven on earth because of their heart stealing sceneries and beautiful destinations. They are mountainous areas and Leh is located in the Jammu district whereas Ladakh connects to the northwestern part of Srinagar. There are many gateways through which you can reach these places but the most common ways are through Manali and Srinagar. Leh and Ladakh fall under the rain shadow areas of the Great Himalayas. Leh is the capital of Ladakh.

Travelling to Leh and Ladakh can be done through roadways and airlines. Almost every airline provides flight to Leh and Ladakh from the source stations like Chandigarh, Srinagar, Delhi, Jammu, etc. You can travel to Leh and Ladakh by road as well and travelling through road is quite adventurous. After reaching Leh and Ladakh you can visit to various tourists places located in and around these places.

Tourist places In Leh 

Shanti Stupa , Leh

Chamba temple

Chamba temple is one of the tourist attractions of Leh. When visited by foot you will experience beautiful sceneries on the way. This temple has the idol of lord Maitreya who is considered to be the Buddha to come. This temple has a shrine of one room and has got some great art works done on the wall. It is quite difficult to locate on your own but local people or guides can easily guide you through the path way.

Leh palace

Leh palace is another beautiful place of visit. This palace is located on the southwest slope of the hill names Tsemo. It is an eight storied palace and was built by the King named Sengge Namgyal somewhere in the 16th century.

Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Leh. It is pure white in color and is located above a village called Changspa village which is 3 kilometers away from the market. This stupa was inaugurated in the year 1983 by the great Dalai Lama.

Other Interests

Other famous destinations in Leh include the ecology center, Leh fort, Leh Gompas, Jami Masjid, Sankar Gompa, The old town, The Secmol and the bazaar.

Some important tourist destinations present in Ladakh

Drass valley , Laddakh


Ladakh is famous for pilgrimages. The most famous pilgrim places in Ladakh include Stongdey monastery, Zangla, Padum, and Sani.


The Ladakh valleys are a must visit and these valleys include the Dras valley, Nubra Valley, Indus valley, Shyok valley, Salt lake valley, and the Suru valley.


There are various mandalas present in Ladakh which are again very good places for visit. Mandalas are places where the initiation of tantric rituals takes place. Mandala word is derived from a Sanskrit work called manda meaning decorate and a suffix in Sanskrit la meaning a sacred center.