Welcome 2 Karachi – A funfilled movie

Director Ashish R Mohan who was assistant of Rohit Shetty had made his mark on Bollywood as the director of Khiladi 786. You can have a glimpse of Rohit Shetty’s charm in this movie when the comic scenes does happen. The film is remake of hit Hollywood film “Dumb and Dumber”. The film is about two fools who think of themselves as they are smart but they are not, do get caught up in Pakistan, Karachi. The film has some vibrant characters who made the audience laugh.

Welcome to Karachi Scene

Shammi Thakur played by Arshad Warsi who is an ex-Navy, because of his overflowing emotions and wild tongue he was terminated from the Navy. And was forced to work for a Gujarati businessman named Mitesh Patel played by Dalip Tahil. He has son Kedar Patel played by Jackky Bhagnani who is good for nothing guy and wants to go to USA to have settled life but because of his stupidity and dumbness his visa gets always rejected. So Kedar and Shammi was assigned to take a wedding party on boat, but because of their foolishness they go without taking them. And that is where both of their lives take a turning point as the boat gets wrecked in the sea and they land up in Karachi, Pakistan.

As the film has portrayed Karachi, Pakistan a country who makes suicide bombers, this is where come in Laurel Gottileb as a Pakistani Intelligence officer who looks for these two idols and thinks them as terrorists. She goes on hunt for them and finds them getting involved in many terrorist activities. Both gets captivated in Taliban campaign, how they foolishly blow the Taliban and then get involved in Pakistan with political parties and corrupt officers.

Welcome to Karachi

There many flaws in the movie, first is the story line and direction. Director Ashish R Mohan couldn’t actually made the actor come out of their box. Landing in Pakistan and then running here and there was funny but not that hilarious. Then were taken by the Taliban’s which didn’t make any sense in terms of comedy sense and then come out Taliban live that was total mishap. And then again going back to Pakistan was not that good story. Most of the time people were yawing and feeling boring as the movie was very much predictable.

Jackky Bhagnani was a total disappointment, as if u have seen his previous movies his acting was quite acceptable but in Welcome 2 Karachi, it was very much downgraded. He tried to act stupid and idiot but was not able to deliver it. Arshad Warsi was super with his comic timing and skills. In other words, the movie was actually saved because of Arshad Warsi’s acting and comedy timing. Laurel Gottileb, she was looking great and really beautiful, I wish I could say the same in her acting skills. But it was nice to say a dancer who is acting with big names in comedy like Arshad Warsi.

The dialogues were very hilarious and the comic timing of Arshad Warsi was superb but Jackky let us down. Overall it is fun filled movie to watch