Bollywood breakups – No one expected their separation !

Being a celebrity is like a having a crowd attracting magnet in their body. Wherever they go, the crowd will follow them, at least the media will never leave them alone. As if this wasn’t enough, being a Bollywood celebrity will make you the center of the attraction for the whole nation. In India, celebrities are being treated next to the Gods. Many hearts are attached to their emotions. With millions of fan following, everyone has their own favorite. While, girls prefer handsome and dashing actors, boys prefer bold and sensual actress. Everyone is hungry and curious to know about the news update of their favorite celebrity.

Celebrities are just like normal beings. They have all the characteristics of a normal human. They show anger, love, emotions and even fights with each other. These are the never ending talk of the town, which the fans would die to hear about. Talking about Love, there have been a strange and strong relation of celebrities, which have been the talk of the town. These are off the screen, real life relations that have amazed millions of fans. No matter, how hard they try, they will never be off of the radar of the media. After all, the nation runs on the media. However, higher life they live, more high profile relations they develop. Things really mess up, when these relations break up and they don’t get unnoticed from the media. Let’s take a look at some of the most high profile Bollywood break ups that never got unnoticed from the eye of their fans.

1. John Abraham and Bipasa Basu

John & Bipasa were the most talked about couple at one time

One of the most sensational and strongest relations, at least that’s what we thought, of the model turned actors were the talk of the town in the early 2000s. Bipasa Basu had been a known actress and her acting career paved way for John Abraham to flourish in the industry. Since then, everyone believed that their relation would be a never ending one. However, it shocked the fans after hearing the break up from this duo. Leaving many unanswered questions, fans seems to find hard gulping down the truth of their break up, even though, they have moved on with their personal life.

2. Preety Zinta and Ness Wadia

Preety Zinta and Ness Wadia in happy days.

The famous Bollywood actress was in the relation with the famous tycoon. Their relation was certainly the high profile one. Preety Zinta made into the headlines, when she first announced her deep love for Ness Wadia, now nobody expected that. Things went on smoothly for many years and it seems that they were both meant for each other. They even own the IPL team. But, in the previous IPL, a lot happened in the pavilion and they both get in a spat. Even, the FIR was lodged against Ness. Eventually, ending their relationship, it was one of the most recently discussed breakups.

3. Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor

The breakup of Kareena and Shahid came as a surprise to their fans who were expecting  them to get married.

Perhaps, one of the most talked couple of the town. As such, there was not much of a chemistry between them. Shahid was too young for her and Kareena looked bossy in front of him. Despite of what others might say, their relation was unbreakable. Their love was developed on the movie sets and ends on the movie set. After officially separating, they even made a great blockbuster- Jab We Met. They both stayed in the relationship for almost three years. The relation may not be favored by all, but they both looked great together.

4. Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor

Dippy and Ranbir were the most popular offscreen pair

The trendiest and the handsome couple ever to walk on the red carpets of the Bollywood is none other than Deepika and Ranbir. Ranbir was and is one of the most handsome men in India, so it would be natural for him to have a partner like Deepika and she is equally adorable and lovable. They both expressed their love to the public. Deepika even went ahead to carve RK on her wrist. Millions of fans were happy to see their ever growing relation. However, for unknown reasons, they have parted ways. Looks like both of them have chosen their new partners. We certainly would have loved this power couple to have an extra mileage in their lovely relationship.

Bollywood may not be recognized worldwide as Hollywood, but its celebrities sure receives more attention than the former. Whether, it is brewing up the rumors of undeclared love or rather a fight off the screens, nothing gets away from the ears of the fans. Everyone knows that forming a relation can take many years, but these stars are special. They form a relation too early and even break up too fast. Let alone the after effects, even a slight hint of their break up will never go unnoticed from the media.