Fat to fit transformation: Bollywood Stars Exceptional Weight Loss Stories!

In the fat to fit transformation in Bollywood, we talk about Bollywood stars who shocked everyone with their surprising weight loss.

Bollywood & fat to fit transitions

Whether the film is hit or a flop, the celeb looks are always scrutinised by Bollywood viewers. No wonder, Bollywood celebs have been extremely conscious and sensitive about their appearance and look.

And weight loss is now imperative for screen people!

It is no secret! Bollywood is the world of fame and lights, hence you need to be in shape in order to walk the red carpet of success.

Some stars busted out that extra weight on their belly and completely rejuvenated their identity to step in the Bollywood world.

Here are some who surprised everyone with stunning weight loss.

While we may have seen many celebrities with an extra pound on their body, it surely requires to be in shape to be in the ladder of the success. Stars need to be fit to stay in the limelight and be the talk of the town. And boy, they all turned out to be stunning celebrities. We bet, at least one of them will be in your favourite’s list.

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor Transitional Weight Loss compared

Arjun Kapoor easily qualifies into our list for the wonderful fat to fit transformation in Bollywood.

After Ishaqzaade Arjun Kapoor became the heartthrob of millions of girls. His makeover – his new physique became the talk of the town.

From 140kilos to a stunning and fit body – how was it possible?

Here is his weight loss journey.

The Story: Before reducing his fat he could not even fit to seat properly. He could not run for more than 20 seconds and was lethargic, temperamental and grouchy.

Fat to fit journey:  The inspiration came to Arjun from Salman Khan!

A strong determination and will power proved he has the mettle – he shed 50 kilos in four years.

Weightloss regime followed. His workouts included weight training and cardio exercises, circuit training, cross-fit training, bench press, squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups. His protein-rich diet mostly included toast, four to six egg white, bajra roti, dal, sabzi and chicken, fish/chicken with rice and protein shake after workouts.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt: Fat to Fit Transformation

Alia Bhatt got admiration for her performance and figure.

The interesting thing was that she was once a chubby girl with 68 kilos weight. However, the fat to fit transformation journey was not so easy for her.

Turning Point: Karan Johar made it explicit that she had to shed at least 20kilos within six months for his next film where he wanted Alia to make her debut. It was sheer painful and embarrassing too to hear about one’s weight and shapelessness from a much sought after director.

Fat to fit journey:  The motivation to Alia came from the challenge itself. Her workouts include running on the treadmill, dumbbell raises, push-ups, lateral pull-down, bicep curls, crunches, back extensions, lunges and squats.

Weightloss regime followed: She strictly avoided junk foods, refined sugar and the likes. She was on vegetable, fruits, idle and sambar, rice, dal, egg white, and chicken. She used to take a lot of water. 

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor transformed herself beautifully from 86 kilos!

Sonam Kapoor is the name of a stunning fashion statement and a controversial statement.

The Story: She looked stunning in her movies. Nevertheless, before a debut, she was over 86 kilos. The girl had put on all these fat during her study in Singapore.

Fat to fit journey:  After she bagged the offer from Sanjay Leela Bhansali she knew she had to shed weight and went on a strict regime of workout and diet. Eventually, she ended up losing 35 kilos of weight.

Weightloss regime followed: She had different trainers for different sessions, like Shervir and Monisha for weight training, Yasmin Karachiwala for Pilates teaching, and Zarine Watson for general fitness. Further, she moved, she did power yoga and artistic yoga with Bharat Thakur and started Kathak for a toned body.

Moreover, she tried out different workout regularly to keep up her motivation and her stunning body. Her workouts include 30 minutes of cardio, dance exercises and power yoga on an alternate day, swimming and play squash.

Her diet includes oatmeal and fruits, brown bread with egg white, protein shake with juice, dal, sabzi, ragi roti, salad and a piece of chicken or fish, high fibre crackers with chicken cold cuts or egg white, and soup.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi’s fat to fit transformation story- from being a plump kid to a hot diva, is an amazing story and an inspirational too.

The Story: Her journey to weight loss was a combination of strict diet and vigorous exercise. Unlike the rest, the actress journey was not started with public criticism.

In her own word, ‘it did not really bother me as such’, rather when her inner voice provoked her she bid farewell to extra weight.

Fat to fit journey:  Initially, it was hard enough to switch over to a strict regime of exercise and diet, but to launch in Bollywood she had simply no other go – and she won the bid. Reward? After losing 30 kilos now she is now the fitness icon for so many people of all age!

Weightloss regime followed: Sonakshi’s exercise includes cardio exercise, cycling, functional and weight training, swimming and playing tennis, visiting the gym twice a day, and hot yoga and spinning.

Her regular diet now consists of cereal and milk with whole-wheat toast, dry fruits and tea, roti and sabzi with salad, green tea, dal, chicken and fish. After 6 pm she does not take carbohydrates.

Parineeti Chopra

Pariniti before and after weightloss

Parineeti Chopra, the stunning heroine of Bollywood, once used to be bubbly and curvy. Besides working on her acting skill, she had to work a lot on her body. Strangely, after her ‘new avatar’ she is fitting into a size of 30!

The Story: Before stepping into the film industry she weighed 86 kilos with a waistline of 38. : She was a foodie too, and for her weak metabolism, she was naturally gaining weight.

Fat to fit journey: She was far from having a bikini figure and was ready to work for it. Since to be in shape was imperative in her profession and she turned towards a healthier lifestyle and embraced the right diet along with religiously hitting the gym.

Weightloss regime followed: Her workouts include yoga, jogging, swimming, horse riding, running, cardio exercise and meditation. Her diet strictly follows two egg white, sugar-free milk, poha, dal, roti, brown rice, green veggies, curd, soup and salad.