The Royal familes still living ‘Kings Life’ in india

With the Independence of India, the rule of princely states came to an end. But the Royal Families continued with their kingly lifestyle.

The former kings and their heirs still have property worth thousands of Crores and drive vintage cars. Much owes to their wise investments in real estates, stock markets and hospitality industry.

Check out the influential and rich royal families still existing in India

Royal Family of Mewar

The Maharaja (turned businessman) of Udaipur

Arvind Singh Ji Mewar is the prevailing king of Udaipur. He belongs to 76th Patron of the royal family of Mewar in Rajasthan.

This King is fond of antique cars. His personal garage is filled with several Rolls Royce, MG TC 1939 Cadillac Convertible and Mercedes vintage car models.

Arvind Singh Ji Mewar has investments in the hospitality industry. He owns HRH Group of hotels in Rajasthan. His famous property includes Jag Mandir Island Palace in Lake Pichola.

Royal Family of Jodhpur

The prevailing Maharaja of Jodhpur

Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji belongs to the Royal Family of Jodhpur. The Jodhpur Maharaja owns one of the world’s largest private residences called Umaid Bhawan Palace.

This king has converted a part of the 347 rooms palace to a luxury hotel. One portion of this has been made the hotel.

The Taj Group manages the hotel and has been conferred the Best Hotel in Traveler’s Choice Award. The Indian Royal Family of Jodhpur also owns some forts.

Royal Family of Gwalior

The prevailing Maharaja of Gwalior

Jyotiraditya Scindia is the king of Gwalior and a former union minister of state. He is from the royal family of Gwalior to which popular warrior general – Mahadji Scindia belonged.

Jyotiraditya Scindia has jewellery worth Rs 24 crores from the succession. He also owns shares in 25 companies and 4,000 Crore worth Jai Vilas Palace.

Royal Family of Baroda

 Gaekwads of Baroda – Samarjit Singh Gaikwad (

Samarjit Singh Gaikwad is the current heir to Baroda Royal Family. The family has investments in the real estate sector.

They own the 187 roomed palace named Laxmi Niwas spread across 600 acres. The Baroda Royal family also owns a 10-hole personal golf course in the grand heritage palace built-in 1890 by Maharaja Sayaji Rao (III)

Wadiyar Royal Family

The Wadiyar Dynasty Successor Y.R.K. Wadiyar

Yaduvir Raj Krishnadatta Wadiyar, 23 years, is the head of the Wadiar dynasty of Mysore (Karnataka).

The ‘royal clan’ has a property worth more than Rs 10,000 Crores. The family owns more than a dozen of luxury cars in their personal collection. Wadiyars are known for their love for expensive watches .

It is worth mentioning that former King of Mysore – Srikanta Dutta Wodeyar has also been a Member of Parliament from Mysore for four times. The wealth declared in the election affidavit was Rs 1,522 Crores.

Royal Family of Rajkot

Rajkot Royal Family member Mahadhatasin Jadega

Mandhatasin Jadeja is the head of the royal family of Rajkot.

The ‘Maharaja’ is a businessman by profession. With investments of more than Rs. 100 crores in Bio-Fuel Development and Hydropower Plant, it fairly gives you an idea of the wealth of the family.

The Royal Family is also in partnership with US Pizza to open a pizza stores in Gujarat. The wealthy family also has a collection of precious royal cars.

Royal Family of Alsisar

Abhimanyu Singh – King of Khetri, leads the Alsisar Royal Family of Rajasthan.

The King of Khetri owns Alsisar Palace (also a heritage hotel) and Havelis of Jaipur worth several crores.

The King also owns an Jeep of the American Army used in 1953. The vehicle comes with an interesting story. It given to Pakistan by the US during the South Korea war and later on occupied by India in 1962.

In fact, the  grandfather of Abhimanyu Singh had bought this jeep in an auction.

The Royal family of Bikaner

Rajyashree Kumari is a famous the Arjuna Awardee in the shooting. The princess is also the current heir to royal family of Bikaner.

The new face of luxury heads several charitable trusts of Rajasthan. She is the owner of Lalgarh Palace (now a heritage hotel) worth several crores. The palace was constructed by his father – the king of Bikaner.

Lalgarh Palace has an attraction called Mr Sadul Museum which exhibits a wide spectrum of Georgian paintings, hunting trophies and rare artefacts.