Udaipur Palace–Admire the Havelis , Palaces and Gradeur !

Udaipur is famous in the world for its beauty and grandeur . The tourists are left mesmerized by the grandiosity of the Haveli’s and palaces of this place.The state of Rajasthan is known for its mighty forts, lakes, temples, palaces and festivals and Udaipur has it own share among all these attractions.

The biggest attractions of Udaipur is one called the ‘City Palace’.It is situated by the side of famous Lake Pichola  on a mountain presenting a picturesque panoramic view of the city Udaipur of Rajasthan.City palace is also the biggest palace of its kind across the state.

Udaipur palace houses 11 different palace inside its premises

The huge complex of the City Palace houses 11 palaces constructed by 12 different kings .Spots like ‘Dilkusha Mahal’,Sheesh Mahal, Mor Chowk or Peacock Courtyard, Moti Mahal and Krishna Vilas is the center of attraction of among tourists.In addition to these places in Udaipur Palace there are many domes , courtyard , corridor , rooms , pavilions , towers and hanging gardens which adds to its beauty .

Eight ancient statues from City Palace Museum were also set on display at Paris, France in 2014.The sculptures from City Palace included Nayika, Laxmi, Devangana, Sura Sundari, Bhairav and Yam (1100-1200), Sur Sundari (1000-1100) and Man & Woman (1300-1400).

A Kerosene operated fan is an attraction !

Kerosene operated fan in Udaipur Palace is an important tourist attraction

There is a striking features that there is a fan which putted in a room at Vani Vilas library .The interesting thing is that unline electricity this fan needs kerosene to run.In this kerosene fan , the burning oil , creates an air pressure by the heat and the generated pressure rotates some internal structure like a turbine and that rotates the fan blades.

Part of this Palace has been transformed into two hotels named ‘Shiv Niwas’ and ‘Fateh Prakash Palace’ where you can enjoy the single largest private collection of the world famous Crystal Gallery.

Maharana Udai Singh started constructing Udaipur palace in the year of 1569 . After that many rulers added to the original construction. The surprising fact is that it although the structures inside the palace were constructed in 11 different phases there is no odd difference between them in terms of architecture.This Udaipur palace complex is in fact a group of palaces built within a period of 400 years .

The scenic spots of the palace

Manek Palace

You can witness some of the best glass works of Rajasthan at the Manek Palace

At the Manek Mahal  wonderful works of glass and mirrors can be seen. The chair , beds and sofas of this palaces are made of glasses .Actually , Rana Sajjan Singh , had purchased these  glass items  from F & C Osler of London in 1877 .

Durbar Hall

Durbar Hall in Udaipur Palace

The royal legacy can be seen at the palace’s Durbar Hall.The walls have been decorated with pictures of Mewar Kings and Weapons of that era.The foundation of this Hall aka the ‘Minto Hall’ was laid by the Viceroy of India ‘Lord Minto’ in 1909.

Tripolia Gate

Tripolia Gate is the main entry to Udaipur Palace complex

The main entrance to the Udaipur is called ‘Tripolia Gate’ which means ‘standing on three pillars or columns’.It was constructed by Maharana angram Singh second in the year of 1710 and The Hawa Mahal is made above Tripolia gate .The gate was constructed by Maharana Sangram Singh II in 1711  and over this structure you can see  ‘Hawa Mahal’ .

The gate was constructed 100 years after the construction of the palace. Maharanas used to be weighed here with gold and silver, which was then distributed among the local people.The wall in front of this gate is called “Agad” where battle of elephants too place .

There are several shops and stalls selling antiques, miniature paintings,ethnic textiles on the road that is extended from this gate to the palace.

Venue of Mega Events

Udaipur palace continues to be an attractive center for big events

This palace continues to be an attractive center for big events . Many celebrities and influential people in India have chosen this palace as their marriage venue like Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon and business magnate Gaurav Sharma of Lucknow.