5 architecturally famous Haveli’s of Rajasthan you can’t afford to miss !

The Haveli’s of Rajasthan have be seen as a place where you can see how the residential mansions of medieval period looked like.These places were houses of traders , feudal lords and royals of that time.

Check out these best 5 colourful and intricately carved Haveli’s of the state that reflects the charm and grandeur of  Rajput’s in that period.

1 Bagore ki Haveli

Bagore ki Haveli is famous Haveli of Udaipur in Rajasthan

Bagore ki Haveli was the private mansion of Amir Chand Badwa , Prime Minister of Mewar , in the 18th century.

The place is now converted to a museum to preserve and showcase Mewar’s royal culture.This Haveli is very near to the biggest attraction of Udaipur – City Palace along Lake Pichola at Gangori Ghat.

The haveli with 138 rooms has intricate and very fine mirror work.This old heritage building is now maintained as a museum.The place hosts traditional folk dance events in the evening.

2 Piramal’s Haveli

Bagar village's Piramal Haveli is among other popular Haveli’s of Rajasthan

Piramal’s Haveli was constructed in 1924 by Seth Piramal Chaturbhuj Makharia .This Haveli reflects a modern approach to traditional architecture.Seth Piramal was a successful businessman who had amassed wealth from trading silver, cotton and opium.This Haveli architecture has Rajput-Italian influences.It is located in Bagar village of Jhunjhunu district.

The European style pillars connects all eight rooms to the courtyard.It is now changed into a heritage hotel under Neemrana group.

3 Samode Haveli

Among famous Haveli’s of Rajasthan Samode Haveli stands dintinct

Samode Haveli is a grand 19th-century heritage mansion very near to Hawa Mahal of Jaipur.

This Haveli was constructed 150 years ago by Rawal Sheo Singhji who was a Prime Minister in the Jaipur court.It was late on converted to a heritage hotel for premium audience in 1988.

4 Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli

Among prominent Haveli’s of Rajasthan Nathmal's Haveli dintinct

Nathmal Ki Haveli of Jaisalmer was the residential mansion of , Diwan Mohata Nathmal , who was the a Prime Minister of Jaisalmer around 1885.

Two brother’s Hathi and Lulu were the architects of this grand Haveli.Besides the engraved pillars and walls, the must to notice are the life sized replicas of yellow stone elephants at the main entrance.There are carvings on the walls of objects like cars and fans which were very rare in 1885.The use of Rajput and Islamic architecture makes this Haveli a unique place to visit.

5 Patwon Ki Haveli 

Patwon Ki Haveli happens to be one of the best Haveli's of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan

Patwon Ki Haveli is architecturally the most important tourist attraction if you are out to see a Haveli.It is first Haveli of Jaisalmer and was constructed by a gold merchant named Guman Chand Patwa in 1805.

There are cluster of 5 Haveli’s in this single Haveli.There is a use of yellow sandstone that adds to the grandiosity this beautiful Haveli.