Top Naldehra Attractions in Shimla for Tourists

Naldehra is a place never to be missed on a Shimla tour. The tourist spot is 22 kilometres from Shimla town.

In winter the temperature drops below zero and is a nice place to witness snowfalls. The place falls on the route to holy pilgrimage called Tattapani. This place is best to do horse riding and enjoy the natural beauty of deodars and green pastures.

Tip: A thing to remember is that there are no shopping markets or establishments in Naldehra besides some Government-run institutions. So, be ready with essential things in advance (Umbrella, medicines, camera batteries or raincoats ) when you visit the attraction.

Oldest Golf Course

India’s oldest Golf Course in Naldehra

On the way to top you will come across the oldest Golf Course in India. In 1905 it was set up by the viceroy of India named Lord Curzon. The beauty of this place impressed the viceroy so much that he even kept his daughter Alexandra’s other name as Naldehra.

The Golf course is open only for Members and not the tourists. You can, however, take pictures of the attraction through fences.

Cafe-Tee-off Restaurent

Cafe-Tee-off is a restaurant cum bar run by HPTDC quite near the Golf Glade Hotel. The restaurant serves some great food and beautiful views of the area.

And yes! The eatery’s balcony is a nice location to get a panoramic view of the entire golf course. Even when you are not a member of the Golf Club!

Mahunag Temple

Mahunag Temple near Golf Club, Naldehra (Shimla)

The Mahunag temple of Mahabharat warrior Karna shares its boundary with the Golf Club.

It is surrounded by dense deodar forests and apple orchards. The upward journey from Mahunag Temple leads to Lovers Point attraction.

Lovers Point (Heart Tree)

Lovers’ Point (Heart Tree Location) attraction Naldehra Shimla

As you go higher, the narrow path opens to an open field encircled with deodar trees which is the next attraction after Mahunag Temple in Naldehra.

This spot was once the location of a famous Bollywood flick’s song ‘Tumse Milkar Na Jaane Kyon’ from ‘Pyaar Jhukta Nahi‘. In the song sequence, a deodar tree trunk was shown engraved with a ‘heart sign’.

Here, you can pose for a photograph with a python wrapped around your neck or with a Himachali ethnic dress.

Shalli Peak

Shalli Peak – Highest Point in Naldehra

Shalli Tiba aka Shali Peak is the highest point offering a splendid panorama of the valley. You can approach this place by a horse which you can hire from the road. It also happens to be the last point to see in the horse ride

At the summit, you get a beautiful view of snow-covered peaks along Sutlej valley and forest side slopes of Shimla, Fagu and Narkanda.

Kali Temple

Kali Temple on Naldehra highest summit

At the top, there is a Kali temple named Bhima Kaali Mandir. The temple is the only man-made structure in the vicinity and uninhabited.

You can see Tattapati (attraction famous for hot water springs) from this temple which is some 30 kilometres from Naldehra.

Naldehra Travel Duration

It can take you a whole day to cover attractions like Mashobra and Naldehra. On the way to Naldehra Mashobra falls in the way. However, you can not visit Kufri the same day unless you are racing against the time. Kufri is entirely in a different direction from Naldehra.

When you are hiring a private taxi, negotiate with them well in advance about covering the two journeys in separate days.

Besides taking a private taxi, you can also reach the place by Government buses. These buses take a travel time of 1 hour and charge a fare of Rs 55. You can also book your tickets online from –

Tip: Horse ride is of two types- short ride and long ride. The short ride (1 Hour) ends at Mahunag Temple. The long ride (Time : 3 hours) covers till the topmost Shalli Peak.

Hotel Golf Glade Naldhera

HPTDC Hotel in Naldehra

When you fall in love with Naldehra, the nearest best hotel in the vicinity to stay in the HPTDC run – Golf Glade. The location is away from the city crowd quite close to the Golf coarse. Situated at an excellent location the hotel also offers some great view for nature lovers.

The accommodation can be booked through the official website of Himachal Tourism.