Blue City Jodhpur’s Best Points of Tourist Interests

While Jodhpur city of Rajasthan is famous for forts , palaces  and temples but of late the city is also attracting adventure sports lovers and the lovers of food and drink .The colourful dresses of the local people coupled with their folk  dances and music magnifies the tourist interest.Jodhpur is located in the middle of Rajasthan and is called the heart of Rajasthan .

The city bears its name from the Rathod dynasty chief Rao Jodha who had established this city in the year of 1459 . The city also goes by the name sun city and blue city.This is because due to the desert region it receives very bright light.The houses around the Mehrangarh fort are painted in blue colour and so it is also called blue city.Like the famous leather and handicraft shopping items of Udaipur you can buy similar items from Clock Tower Bazaar and Tripolia Bazaar.

Umaid Bhawan Palace – What’s so special !

Umaid Bhawan Palace – What’s so special !

The visitors to Jodhpur carry a special attraction towards Umaid Bhawan Palace.Maharaja Umed Singh (1929-1942) had constructed this Palace.

Technically , thus structure is one the largest private residence in the world with about 347 rooms. The specialty of this palace is that it has all been made of desert sandstone.The brain behind the architecture was an English man named Henry Vaughan.

A large part of this palace has now been converted to heritage hotel while the rest portion has been converted into a museum which show cases belongings of Royal family.

The Fort of Mehrangarh – Most important spots !

The Fort of Mehrangarh – Most important spots !

Constructed by Rao Jodha in 1459 , Mehrangan fort is one of the top attractions of the city.The 150 meter fort is among the highest forts in India.From the fort you can have a panoramic view of Jodhpur city.You need to follow spiral and rocky path to reach this elegant fort .

Among the many entrance gates (called Pole)  to the fort  Jaipole, Lohapole and Fatehpole are the most important.

When you see the palaces inside the Mehrangarh fort you can experience the grandiosity.The belongings and heritages of the kings era can be seen here.Ancient Canons at the top of the fort and the weapons and clothing’s can also be see at the place.The places like Phool mahal and Jhanki mahal are also great attractions.Adventure seekers may try zip lining here which are of international safety standards.

Jaswant Thada – A White Marble Monument !

Jaswant Thada – A White Marble Monument !

Jaswant Thada is the very beautiful monument at a few distance only from the fort of Mehrangarh .The memorial which is surrounded by the mountains has been made with the white marbles  . The carvings of the memorial are very beautiful .There is a lake near by which adds to the beauty of this structure in a full moon night. This is the crematorium place of the royal Rathod family .

The Mandore Garden – What to see !

The Mandore Garden – What to see !

Located at a distance about 5 miles , Mandore  , was the first capital of the king of Marwar.It is also an important point of interest among the tourists.

The  ‘Ajit pole’,  temples, Baoli, ‘Janana Mahal’, ‘Ek Thamba Mahal’ etc are unmatched sample . This huge building made with red stone is an unmatched piece architecture . There is also hall of Heroes here  where the idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been kept.

The Balsamand Lake – Beautiful artificial lake !

The Balsamand Lake

In addition to the Fort and the palace , the Balsamand Lake is also a place where you must visit . It is located at the distance of about  5 KM from Jodhpur .The lake was made by Balak Rao Parihar in 1159 . It is the artificial lake .It is surrounded with the mountains from three sides . This lake beautify and glorify Umaid palace .

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