9 Famous Forts of Rajasthan with a deep footprint in Indian history!

The architecturally beautiful havelis, palaces and famous forts of Rajasthan draw the largest segment of tourists every year. Especially, Rajasthan’s forts cast a spell on the visitors by their grandeur and architectural beauty.

There are numerous popular forts in this state and visiting each of them on a single trip can be quite impossible.

So if you to cover the best in a short duration, go ahead and explore these 9 famous forts of Rajasthan –

Mewar Fort

Mewar Fort aka The Fort of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan

Mewar fort (otherwise known as Chittorgarh Fort) is considered to be the biggest fort of India. Among the historically famous Forts of Rajasthan, this one has witnessed several furious wars.

When it comes to Chittor, the historical chapter involving the most fascinating queen of Rajasthan ever- Rani Padmini, crops up often.

The Chittorgarh Fort is quite mind-numbingly big in its architectural structure and its sprawling campus.

The past of Chittorgarh Fort is laden with history as well as mythology. This fort will remind you the valor of Rajputs, the divine beauty of Rani Padmini and how it gradually became one of the causes behind the ruin of Chittor and many more.

It’s really impossible to cover the 13 KM fort campus by walking, so it’s always better to ride an auto in order to visit this fort.

Junagarh Fort

Fort of Junagarh in Rajasthan

The fact that Junagarh Fort in Bikaner had been attacked several times in past but the enemy camp was able to capture it for only one day in its entire history, reveals the heroism of Rathors- the predominant ruling clan of Bikaner.

The town of Bikaner was built around the fort and this is among the only handful ones in Rajasthan that was not built on a hill-top.

The fort consisted of palaces and temples that are primarily constructed from red sandstone and marble.

You shall be amazed to see the striking combination of military style architecture and intricate beautiful interiors- that Junagarh Fort flaunts.

One of the best maintained forts in Rajasthan, Junagarh Fort is famous for its arms and weapon collection, golden paintings and guide audio books to the tourists.

Nahargarh Fort

Fort of Nahargarh in Rajasthan

Though the popular tourists now know Nahargarh Fort as the shooting spot for bollywood smash hit ‘Rang De Basanti’, the history of this Fort is equally arresting, especially with the part where it’s said that spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia used to haunt the fort area.

Located at the border of Aravalli Hills, try to visit this fort during the time of Sunset as it makes for a spectacular sight upon looking down from the edge of the fort below on the city of Jaipur.

Amber Fort

Fort of Amer in Rajasthan

Located at the top of a hill, Amber or Amer Fort is renowned for its ramparts and various gates.

The fort complex is consisted of three primary architectural bodies that are- Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khaas and Sukh Niwas.

Built by Raja Man Singh I around the year 1592, Amber Fort complex is divided into four courtyards including Sila Devi temple which is the shrine of royal goddess Sila.

From the fort, you will get a stunning view of the surrounding hills and walls. But most importantly, the elephant ride from the foothill of the mountain to the main gate of the fort is what that makes the trip so much more memorable.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Fort of Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan

Designed and built by Rana Kumbha- the distinguished ruler of Mewar; Kumbhalgarh Fort has a specific place in the history of India as the names of two great kings as well as warriors had been associated with this fort.

One is Rana Kumbha himself, and another is the legendary ruler and fighter of Rajputana- Maharana Pratap, who was born here.

There are many interesting facts that are associated with Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Firstly, the perimeter wall of the fort is the second largest in the world, next to the Great Wall of China.

Secondly, the legend of human sacrifice which was said to be done to build this fort successfully, can also give any tourist goose bumps.

Thirdly, do visit this fort during night as the spectacular lighting of the site can take your breath away.

Jaisalmer Fort

Fort of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan

Among the numerous forts of Rajasthan, undoubtedly Jaisalmer fort is the most favorite to the Bengali community as maestro Satyajit Ray filmed his iconic sleuth-movie ‘ Sonar Kella’ ( the Golden Fort) here.

The yellow sandstones that make this Fort looks like made of gold, validates the name.

Built around 1156 AD by King Rawal Jaisal, Jaisalmer Fort is considered one of the strongest fortifications of the world and right now a world heritage site.

Apart from the four vast gateways, the ancient merchant havelis are some of the major attractions of Jaisalmer Fort.

Their painted windows, beautifully arched doorways and verandahs, and wooden carvings on the ceilings as well as on the walls- can take your mind back into the olden days.

Mehrangarh Fort

Fort of Mehrangarh in Rajasthan

When personalities like Rudyard Kipling and Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis expressed their awe upon visiting Mehrangarh Fort, you have to believe that there is something unique and gigantic about this citadel that may shake your mind.

Built on a hill top, this almost 500 years old Mehrangarh Fort gives a stunning view of the ‘Blue City’ Jodhpur below.

After seeing the decaying states of so many forts in Rajasthan, there is no doubt that as a history buff and a connoisseur of anything related to Indian heritage; you shall surely be pleased to see the well-maintained condition of Mehrangarh Fort and its vast, well stocked museum.

A guided tour is highly recommended to make out every little nuances of this fortress.

Taragarh Fort

Fort of Taragarh in Rajasthan

Do you prefer a peaceful trip to a fort over a noisy one? Are you interested about crisscross alleys and secret crevices inside an ancient citadel and don’t mind their ruining forms? Do you want to take a peek of the city below from the top of a hill during sunrise/sunset and enjoy the moment all alone?

Then Taragarh Fort at Bundi, Rajasthan is the right destination for you!

Unfortunately like most of the other small fortifications of Rajasthan, Taragarh Fort also lacks renovation and maintenance.

But in exchange, what it offers to you is something priceless- a solitary moment to soak yourself into forgotten history of Rajputana.

Hiring a guide is highly recommended besides carrying along some big sticks with you- as the place is inhabited by rather large monkeys.

Ranthambore Fort

Fort of Ranthambore in Rajasthan

Located amidst Ranthambore National Park, visiting Ranthambore Fort in actuality is a killer combination of mixing history and woodland together.

Founded in 944, the famous fort of Rajasthan, has always taken an important place in the history of Rajasthan, especially as its name is entangled with legendary rulers such as Prithviraj Chauhan and Vir Hammir.

If you love forest, adventure, history, walking- all things rolled in to one; then Ranthambore Fort is the place to die for.

Don’t forget to carry sticks along with you while visiting the fort, as it’s infested with monkeys. The best way to go to see the forest and the fort at one go, would be to hire a jeep along with a local guide.